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A team working productively across all systems with Meisterplan Apps and Integrations

Employees love their tools and methods. Not the ones you tell them to use. That is why we have created Meisterplan in such a way that project portfolio management succeeds independently of the tools and methods used for project management. Your project managers only provide you with the absolutely necessary information and otherwise do what they do best: projects.

With Meisterplan integrations and apps, you can make it even easier for your project managers and get more out of your data. Import project data automatically into Meisterplan, make complex evaluations or integrate your very own solution.
Find out here which apps and integrations you can use together with Meisterplan.

Meisterplan Apps and Integrations


Meisterplan for Jira

Our new Jira integration brings visibility to agile work alongside traditional projects to ensure that all your projects have the right people focusing on the right work at the right time.



Meisterplan adds portfolio planning and resource management to Smartsheet – for greater transparency and easier planning.



The ServiceNow integration in Meisterplan is the ideal way to bring your project management tasks into a consistent PPM workflow.


MS Excel

Simplify your resource and project portfolio management by importing all the data you need from Excel into Meisterplan.


MS Project Server

Meisterplan augments Microsoft Project Server with extended resource planning – for greater flexibility and transparency.


Clarity PPM

Meisterplan augments Clarity PPM with extended resource planning – for greater transparency and easier capacity planning.



Integrate your Tableau business intelligence solution in Meisterplan, and take advantage of brand new planning analysis options.


aXc Project

Plan tasks, timelines, and milestones in aXc-Project and use Meisterplan to create project portfolios that really work.


Power BI

Take advantage of brand new planning analysis options with the business intelligence solution Power BI and Meisterplan.



Log in to Meisterplan with ease, using your Microsoft Azure account.


Meisterplan API

The SOAP API offers a straightforward, high-performance, SOAP-based web-services interface for your interaction with Meisterplan.