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Learn more about the team behind Meisterplan

About Meisterplan

Board meeting using Meisterplan for project portfolio planning

Meisterplan is a software that helps organizations create project portfolios that really work.

It speeds up planning and decision making processes in companies around the world and across all industries. As multi-project resource management is a challenge for teams of almost any size, Meisterplan customers range from smaller teams with multiple projects to global organizations.

Meisterplan is available both as a cloud-based service and on premise.

The Meisterplan Team

Meisterplan is a product division within Germany’s leading CA PPM consultancy firm itdesign. Founded in 1999, itdesign built on the experience of hundreds of enterprise PPM implementations to launch Meisterplan in 2012. The firm is a proud bearer of all major employer awards Germany has to offer, including, of course, Great Place to Work in ICT.

Our expert team strives daily to improve your Meisterplan experience. Our own regional presence in both Europe and North America is strengthened by our growing partner network, enabling our customers to make the most out of Meisterplan no matter where they are located.

Johannes Koppenhoefer - Managing DirectorJoerg Leute - Managing DirectorBirgit BaronKaroline Holicky - Meisterplan MarketingStefan Schneider - Meisterplan Product ManagementStephan Anders - Meisterplan SalesSabine LaFougere - MeisterplanSebastian Kolb - Meisterplan EntwicklungSenti PPM RenameChristoph Hirnle - Meisterplan Executive DirectorAngelina Wagenhaus - MeisterplanAndreas Guenzel - Meisterplan HR

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