Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Just Write to Us!

At Meisterplan, we are dedicated to providing our readers expert insights and practical advice on the keytopics resource management and project portfolio management. We invite guest authors to contribute content that is both informative and inspiring.

Why Write for Us?

Contributing to the Meisterplan blog:

  • allows you to reach a global audience interested in project portfolio management
  • gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise and contribute to the discourse in the fields of our target group
  • helps you to gain visibility through your own author profile and a chance to get mentioned in our monthly newsletter

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What We Look For in a Guest Post
  • Relevance: Your content should focus on resource management or project portfolio management. We appreciate articles that provide strategic insights, actionable tips, and real-world applications.
  • Originality: Submissions must be original and unpublished elsewhere. After publication on our blog, you may republish your post on your own blog or other websites with a disclaimer and a link back to the original article on our site.
  • Quality and Length: We expect well-researched and detailed posts that provide depth and value to our readers. Ideally, articles should be around 1200 words.
  • Support Claims with Data: Wherever claims are made, they should be substantiated with data or examples. Links to relevant studies, your own research, or case studies are encouraged.
Formatting Your Submission
  • Clear Headings and Subheadings: Use headings and subheadings to structure your article clearly.
  • Links to Previous Content: Enhance your article’s value with links to relevant previous posts on the Meisterplan blog as well as other credible sources.
  • Optimize for SEO: Include relevant keywords to ensure your post is found by readers interested in project management topics. However, ensure the usage feels natural and not forced.
Submission Process
  • Step 1 – Topic Submission: Send us a brief outline of your topic for approval before you start writing. This helps ensure the topic fits our content strategy and hasn’t been covered recently.
  • Step 2 – Draft Submission: Once your topic is approved, submit your draft to allow for easy collaboration during the editing process.
  • Step 3 – Review and Publication: Our editorial team will review your submission and suggest revisions if necessary. Once finalized, we will schedule your post for publication.
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Ready to Submit?

If you’re ready to share your expertise with a dedicated audience, send us your topic idea and a short bio. We’re excited to hear from you and potentially feature your insights on our blog!

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