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PMI Global Summit Series - Europe
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April 10 – 11, 2024 / Berlin

PMI Global Summit Series 2024 – Europe

Meet the Meisterplan team at the PMI Global Summit Series 2024 in Berlin.

This event is essential for experts and enthusiasts seeking to exchange ideas on the latest trends and developments in project management and expand their network.

Don’t miss the session by our Managing Director Christoph Hirnle on the topic of “Unlock Your PMO’s Full Potential.” Or discuss your use case with our experts at booth no. 1. We look forward to the exchange.

Meisterplan Roadmap Webinar
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April 25, 2024 – 12 PM- 1 PM Eastern / 11 AM-12 PM Central / 9-10 AM Pacific /  6-7 PM Central European

Meisterplan Roadmap: The Latest and Greatest​

New features, possible use cases, and a look at our product roadmap. Join our PPM experts Karoline and Debbie on April 25th to discuss the latest developments related to Meisterplan. Our focus will be: Project Monitoring in Meisterplan with an Emphasis on Actuals.​

Meisterplan Virtual Network

Meisterplan Virtual Network

Are you looking to improve a certain area of your business? Are you wanting to explore what others might be doing? Consider joining a Meisterplan Virtual Network.

Virtual Networks bring together a small group of people interested in a similar topic. A Virtual Network meets monthly with the same group. The goal is to learn from others, try out new improvement ideas, and share what works to your network.

Fill out the form to express your interest and be on our waiting list. Meisterplan will then reach out when a similar group is ready to start meeting.

On Demand Webinars

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March 2024

Unlocking Listening Intelligence: Boosting Leadership and Team Synergy

Listening intelligence is the core of business agility, customer service, and leadership. Without it, communication is ineffective, causing confusion and multiple meetings on the same topic.

Whether you are a manager coaching your team, or you participate in business meetings, this webinar will share practical tips on how to overcome communication challenges.

Dori Gilbert, a Certified Practitioner in ECHO Listening Intelligence, shared her knowledge on this topic, which you can now watch in this on demand webinar.

Who should watch? PMO leaders, Project Managers, Resource Managers, team members, actually anyone who participates in meetings.

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February 2024

Meisterplan for the Project Manager

As a project manager, there are a lot of responsibilities and activities needed to be successful with project delivery.
Join us in this webinar to learn the key features that support keeping project information up to date, simplifying communication as well as tips on how to monitor signs of trouble.

Who should watch this webinar?
Program Managers, Project Managers, the PMO, and Meisterplan Administrators.

Product Roadmap Webinar with Achim Gnan and Karoline Holicky
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December 2023

Meisterplan Roadmap: The Latest and Greatest 

​In our December 2023 webinar, we explored strategies and best practices for effectively managing users and permissions in the Meisterplan application, ensuring a secure and efficient experience for both administrators and users. ​

​As always, we also reviewed recent releases and took a look at our Product Roadmap.

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November 2023

Meisterplan for the Resource Manager

Are you maximizing your team’s productivity and readiness for new projects? Whether you’re an experienced resource manager or a project supervisor aspiring for greater efficiency, our exclusive webinar is designed just for you!

Who should watch this webinar?
Resource Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads, or any managers of people who work on projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge to not just achieve, but exceed your team management goals.

Meisterplan Roadmap Webinar
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September 2023

Meisterplan Roadmap – The Latest and Greatest Q3 2023

In our Q3 webinar, we took a closer look at how you can map your financial budget planning in Meisterplan and enable cost controlling at the project level. As always, we also reviewed our recent releases and gave a preview of features on our Product Roadmap.​

Webinar: Meisterplan Roadmap
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May 2023

Meisterplan Roadmap – The Latest and Greatest Q2 2023

In our Q2 webinar, you will learn how to easily connect MP with your tool ecosystem, for example, to enable automatic notifications and workflows between tools. We will also share the latest updates to our product roadmap with you.

Webinar: Meisterplan Roadmap
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February 2023

Meisterplan Roadmap – The Latest and Greatest Q1 2023

Whether it’s the latest features, exciting use cases or the roadmap of highly anticipated releases, be sure you are in the know with this Meisterplan webinar for customers.

Outgrow spreadsheet-based PPM with Meisterplan
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Outgrow Excel: Take the Next Step in Resource Management and PPM Maturity

Are you struggling to scale your spreadsheet-based PPM processes to the demands of your portfolio? Is it difficult to align the capacity of your teams far in advance with your Excel resourcing plan? 

In this webinar, join our experts to learn why PPM spreadsheet solutions are great for new PMOs looking to get started quickly, but can create pain-points with long-term project portfolio management and resource planning. You will leave this webinar with the information you need to evolve away from Excel and improve visibility and reduce complexity within your project portfolio. 

Brainstorming new project ideas with Meisterplan's Board View
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Implementing a Successful Project Intake Process: How to Collect New Project Ideas and Turn Them into Successful Projects

Does your team have a lot of great project ideas, but you’re not quite sure how to best manage those ideas or even how to turn them into successful projects? Collecting and developing new project initiatives can be a difficult mountain to climb, but it doesn’t have to be. Join our experts in our latest webinar where they will be discussing the current challenges organizations face around project intake and the best ways to streamline how project initiatives are pushed through the pipeline.

Meisterplan Agile Portfolio
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Gain Transparency to Make Better Decisions and Move Your Company Forward

In this webinar, we go in-depth into our product and show very practical ways to ensure your business can make the best decisions and keep moving forward. We show you how you can use Meisterplan to gain transparency into what work is being done, prioritize projects, use what-if scenarios, and optimize capacity planning.

Meisterplan Webinar
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3 Ways to Build Resiliency for Today…and Tomorrow

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that being adaptable in the face of uncertainty separates top-performing businesses from others. Successful leaders build resiliency into how they make decisions, guide portfolio planning, and reliably deliver value. Not sure where to start in evaluating current portfolio initiatives? Concerned about how you and your team are going to succeed with the amount of change and uncertainty? What should you be focused on right now to ensure you’re building resiliency? Join us as we discuss what every PMO and business leader should be thinking about and implementing today.

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