Ensure Your Employees Are Assigned to the Most Important Work

Meisterplan enables successful projects and satisfied colleagues in the short, medium, and long-term.

What Cyrill Loves About Meisterplan

I am firmly convinced that we have found the right tool with Meisterplan. Especially as the person responsible for resources, I feel incredibly relieved because Meisterplan gives me more security in planning.

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Cyrill Chrétien

Made for Those Who Coordinate Others:

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All Resources in One View

Keep track of the availability, workload, skills, absences and distribution of each employee and and easily edit as needed — regardless of your preferred tool.

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Realistic and Flexible Planning

See the true capacity of your employees to ensure projects can be realistically staffed with the right people, avoiding bottlenecks or making it easy to collaborate with colleagues to resolve them.

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Engaged Employees

Assign employees to projects that make the most of their skills without overloading them. Transparently communicate your resource plan directly in Meisterplan.

What You Can Do With Meisterplan

A Dedicated View for You – Designed for Resource Planning

Centralized and intuitive: The Team Planner gives you an overview of your resources and the means to effectively allocate them to the most important work while balancing their capacity.

An Overview of All Important Resource Information

See and easily update roles, skills, work schedule, absences and more directly in Meisterplan.

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Leading Companies Coordinate Employees With Meisterplan
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Experience the Team Planner Live

Our experts will show you how Meisterplan can finally give you the overview and control you need over your employees' allocations.

Realistic Planning for Realistic Expectations

From employees to management, everyone works with the same data in Meisterplan, so it is clear from the start, when planning based on roles, what works and what doesn’t.

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Multiple Ways to Solve a Bottleneck

Whether you have to postpone projects, restaff a project with someone available or just need more resources, Meisterplan makes it easy to identify and resolve bottlenecks even before they occur.

Transparent Communication with Your Teams

Employees have their own view in Meisterplan where they can keep an eye on their projects and project schedule, track their time and leave comments, for instance about their upcoming availability.

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