Resource and Portfolio Management for Everyone

Meisterplan ensures all stakeholders collaborate on and benefit from a joint plan.

Stakeholders Involved in Cross-Portfolio Resourcing Decisions:

PMO Director

Make Plans That Work for Everyone

Create feasible portfolio plans aligned to strategy that all stakeholders commit to. Meisterplan’s Portfolio Designer is the first and only solution built for just that.

  • Use what-if scenarios to ensure feasibility across the portfolio based on demands, projects, capacities and dependencies
  • Get a grip on complexity – resources, dependencies, finance, strategy, working modes – all in one unparalleled view
  • Report on portfolio health, financials, resource utilization – no matter how your teams work

Meisterplan for PMO-Directors

Resource Manager

Ensure a Balanced Workload for Your Team

Balancing company and team needs can be fulfilling and fun. Meisterplan helps you by consolidating all required information in one place.

  • Get a clear overview of your team’s capacity, allocations and demands
  • Staff every important project with the best people available
  • Collaborate with others to resolve resource conflicts quickly and easily

Meisterplan for Resource Managers

Project Manager

Solve the Main Issue That Delays Projects: Resource Availability

Lead projects to success by ensuring the right people are available to work on the most important projects. Meisterplan helps you make reliable staffing commitments.

  • Request staff based on roles for a rough plan or based on resources for more detail
  • Collaborate with team leads to resolve resource conflicts quickly and easily
  • Report on the progress of your projects in a comprehensible way, without unnecessary details

Meisterplan for Project Managers

Project Details with comments on ACME Implementation Support project
Team Member

Get the Time You Need to Be Able to Give Your Best

You love what you do, but you can only do so much. Meisterplan helps your organization make sure you have the time to focus on what matters.

  • Contribute your time and expertise without being overloaded
  • Get a clear view of priorities
  • Be able to give feedback to project and team leads if their plans are unrealistic

Meisterplan for Team Members

My Projects View

Increase Results and Productivity – Not Frustration and Workload

Whether you aim to increase reliability towards customers, speed up time to market, or execute strategy with more confidence: Meisterplan makes sure your organization translates your goals into action.

  • Use up-to-date data and meaningful proposals to make informed decisions and ensure the success of your company
  • Shift the organization’s focus when needed
  • Leverage integrated reports and management analytics – no matter how your teams work

Meisterplan for Executives

What Thomas Loves About Meisterplan

“Meisterplan is increasingly becoming the focus of our planning, underpins our plans with objective data and is the first point of contact before discussions with management." ”

IT Portfolio Manager|SV Informatik GmbH|open_in_new

Thomas Albert

What Cyrill Loves About Meisterplan

“I am firmly convinced that we have found the right tool with Meisterplan. Especially as the person responsible for resources, I feel incredibly relieved because Meisterplan gives me more security in planning.”

Senior Management|GKS Architekten Generalplaner AG|open_in_new

Cyrill Chrétien

Claus Spruch - Excelitas Technologies

What Claus Loves About Meisterplan

“With Meisterplan, we are able to plan more long-term. We see months in advance when bottlenecks are likely to occur and are able to hire new resources or skills to compensate.”

Director Project Management|Excelitas Technologies Corp.|open_in_new

Claus Spruch

What René Loves About Meisterplan

“Our initial skepticism regarding the new transparency of all projects has disappeared. Everyone was thrilled with how quickly we were able to achieve a great overview of the project portfolio with Meisterplan along with information from the project managers and present this to management on a quarterly basis." ”

Corporate Development Project Portfolio Manager|Kantonsspital Aarau|open_in_new

René Haiss

What Frank Loves About Meisterplan

“Meisterplan enables us to plan ahead for our customer projects, quickly adjust as needed, report clearly to colleagues and customers and make binding commitments.”

Head of Project Management & Support|sovanta AG|open_in_new

Frank Schwartz

What Christopher Loves About Meisterplan

“When you don’t have a resource management tool you end up putting work on people without knowing how loaded they are. That leads to health problems, such as stress. It leads to people working ridiculously long hours. The retention of your staff goes down. With Meisterplan, we can protect our people.”

Head of PMO|Siemans Gamesa|open_in_new

Christopher Pearson

Sebastian Wittern - Hawesko

What Sebastian Loves About Meisterplan

“Meisterplan gives our team members a sense of security. They can clearly focus on their topics, and that is highly motivating for them. And they have the backing of our management.”

Project Manager|Hawesko GmbH|open_in_new

Sebastian Wittern

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