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What Måns Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan helps us deliver our projects on time, within the agreed budget, and in top quality.

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Måns Björklund

How Meisterplan Benefits Project Managers

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Keep Working
Like You Always Have

Profit from a management team that makes decisions based on real data updated automatically, so you can keep working with the tools and methods you trust.

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Clear Priorities
for All Your Projects

Always work on the most important projects without unnecessary idle time - because with Meisterplan, all dependencies are taken into account during planning.

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Reliable Commitments
for Your Project Resources

Simply request resources for your projects and receive those that are guaranteed to be available. Even if there are bottlenecks, you will quickly find a solution.

What Meisterplan Has to Offer

Maintain All Project Information in One Place

In Meisterplan, you can record and keep track of all important information: project name, timing, budget, actuals, risks, contribution to company goals, status, employees and much more.

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An Easy Way to Request Project Resources

Identify the roles you need to successfully complete your projects and request them directly in Meisterplan. With a clear overview, you’re certain to find someone.

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Monitor Project Progress and Effort

Understand how projects are progressing with our built-in time tracking feature. Use accurate data to see how your planned allocations compare with reality. 

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The project managers of many successful companies use Meisterplan
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Explore the Possibilities

Our experts can show you how Meisterplan works for your specific use case in an easy, no-obligation call.

Conveniently Report to Senior Management

Create customized reports to show management at a glance the status of your projects, what the actual time worked ended up being and where decisions need to be made.

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Use Integrations and Avoid Double Data Maintenance

Work with the set-up that best fits your teams and projects, regardless of your working methods and preferred tools. Maintain your data automatically using our connectors and integration templates. 

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A Kanban Board to Get Project Ideas off the Ground Quickly

Monitor projects from the idea stage until their successful implementation. This way, you can ensure from the very beginning that projects are valuable and receive the necessary support. 

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