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Success Starts with Being Ready

Reliably deliver the best business outcomes even in times of uncertainty.

Meisterplan PPM Software

Be Ready with Meisterplan

Meisterplan is a best-in-class software for project portfolio management and capacity planning.

Better Business Decisions

Meisterplan helps you put the right people together to work on the right things at the right time. Let us help you easily adapt to change and deliver results.

Maximize Potential

Meisterplan provides you the keys to achieve business agility and drive decisions that maximize project and employee potential resulting in better business outcomes.

Meisterplan Project Portfolio Management Software
Brainstorming new project ideas with Meisterplan's Board View
Understand best practices when it comes to streamlining your project intake process and the right tools needed to help turn new initiatives into successful projects.

Helping Organizations Realize Business Agility

Companies that build the capabilities of agility are more successful at weathering storms and seizing opportunities.

Business Agility - Anticipate Change
Anticipate Change

Better anticipate issues and opportunities, and develop change-ready initiatives.

Business Agility - Adapt Priorities
Adapt Priorities

Easily adapt priorities and find the right people with availability.

Business Agility - Accelerate Execution
Accelerate Execution

Seamlessly accelerate the execution of focused priorities with flexible teams.


Turn Observations into Initiatives

Take ideas, trends, feedback, and requirements and turn them into concrete initiatives for your business.

  • Capture initiatives and align priorities in the Board View
  • See into the future to get ahead of potential roadblocks with Real-time Simulation
  • See the impact of operational changes on availability and requirements with the Resource Monitor
Meisterplan's Board View
Strategic Alignment with Meisterplan


Focus on What Really Matters

Easily adapt to changing conditions by matching priorities with projects and resources in one view ensuring the feasibility of your plans.

  • Prioritize the right projects with Project Score and Rank
  • Easily adjust projects with Drag-and-Drop scheduling
  • Use Scenarios to check the feasibility and perform What-If Analysis


Speed Your Implementation

Make informed decisions faster, allowing teams to focus on delivering business results for initiatives aligned to corporate goals.

  • Create clarity of priorities with the Roadmap
  • Group projects by Stage Gate or Strategy Fit
  • Use the Staffing Screen to quickly build powerful teams
  • Resolve resource conflicts in the Portfolio Designer
Roadmap View Stage Gates with Meisterplan
Financial Management with Meisterplan


Make Decisions and Realize Value Faster

Meisterplan delivers a turnkey solution and a proven framework enabling organizations to achieve greater agility.

  • Ensure you work on what’s most important with Goals View in our Roadmap
  • Track Financial Information for projects and resources
  • Key Integrations to streamline the way teams work
  • Dedicated professional services get you up and running quickly

Be Ready for Anything

Increase Your Organization’s Agility to Drive Better Business Outcomes

Organizations that have built the capability to consistently anticipate change, confidently adapt priorities, and seamlessly accelerate the implementation of initiatives have proven to be more successful. Honing these capabilities allows organizations to be ready for anything.

Darrin McLaughlin

There is no other product that does what Meisterplan does in terms of portfolio management and resource management without unessential extra features. If there were another product that does what Meisterplan does, I would have found it, because I tried them all.

Darrin McLaughlin

Senior Vice President/Technology Officer | Interra Credit Union

What Our Customers Love about Meisterplan

Thomas McGee

Founding Partner | Media Hive

“This tool gives us the invaluable insight we need to make important decisions about when to start projects and when to hire. It can help you align your hiring needs with your sales pipeline. It's the only tool in its class that provides capacity planning and projections to coordinate hiring and sales leads.”

Bredon Jones

Vice President - Operations | Giant Hat

“Meisterplan filled a significant gap for us in understanding how we are utilizing our capacity. We now have a much better idea when we need to either say no to new projects or adjust timelines and team members assigned to projects. No other tool gave us this high-level view. It brought our stress level down.”

Chris H.


“Meisterplan simplified our resource management. Great too to streamline your complete resource management which will save you lots of planning hours and avoid misunderstandings. You always see the current allocation of your resources and with simple drag-and-drop you move projects and recognize the changes for your resources and financials.”

Måns Björklund

Executive Producer | Important Looking Pirates

“Meisterplan helps us deliver our projects on time, within the agreed budget, and in top quality.”

Frank Goermar

Owner | Explorers

“With Meisterplan we were productive in just a few hours without extensive training. It offers the chance to use our own project management method which makes it quite simple to roll out. And it's well done for project portfolio management. Project Portfolio Management and Project Management Processes become simple and fast.”

Marcus Plach

Managing Director | Ergosign GmbH

“With Meisterplan, our resource utilization is more transparent. Due to the seamless integration into our existing processes, we can increase the satisfaction of both our customers and employees.”

Phil Morris

Head of PMO | First Utility

“Meisterplan is critical to the management of our project portfolio.”

Marzio Locatelli

Head of Project Management | Trafag AG

“Meisterplan is now a key element of  our portfolio planning. It helps us to make sure that our portfolio is realistic and that we create plans that really work.”

Thomas Wetterwald

CEO | Stadtwerk Winterthur

“Everyday is a Meisterplan Day. Thanks to the simplicity of the product and its excellent usability the Project Portfolio Process PPM was holistically optimized and strategic decisions for projects ensured. Eager to further enhance maturity of PPM with future releases of the product.”

Derek Walz

New Product Development Manager | Bard Manufacturing Company

“I believe in the solution and see how it can benefit any company that manages multiple projects simultaneously. Which I think is just about EVERY company!”

“State of the art resource planning. We manage more than 100 projects and change requests every year. Meisterplan helps us maximize our resources and keep track of our projects. The operation is simple, so no training is required for the application. For me, Meisterplan is the best resource planning tool currently available.”

Felix Willing

CIO | Hella

“Meisterplan opened our eyes to resource bottlenecks and new portfolio solutions.”

Peter Parfitt

Head of Digital and Customer Experience | Buckinghamshire County Council

“With Meisterplan, we can always see what exactly the impact of doing any project is – and it´s really simple to use.”

Chris Davies

Manager, RD Projects | Cenduit

“Meisterplan is an excellent Resource Management tool. The visual interface makes the software intuitive to understand and use. I have found few other tools that can match its capabilities. Definitely love the scenario comparison function. It's pretty easy to get up and running, but you can get more complex as you get more comfortable.”

Barry Cousins

Senior Director, PMO Practice | Info-Tech Research Group

“I give Meisterplan an A+ for the experience of modifying the project timeline and resourcing. Consider this model if you’ve struggled to forecast resource capacity using spreadsheets or large commercial tools.”

Ready for the next step?
Take a trial today.

Try Meisterplan free for 30 days with your own data and full product functionality. Or request a demo and have a solution expert walk you through the product and answer your questions.

Ready for the next step?
Take a trial today.

Try Meisterplan free for 30 days with your own data and full product functionality. Or request a demo and have a solution expert walk you through the product and answer your questions.