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Make Plans That Work

The world’s top companies trust Meisterplan for project portfolios that really work.

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Project Portfolio Management and Resource Management Built for the Cloud

Gain Visibility

See just the right information to make the best decisions for your project portfolio management and your employees.

Gain visibility with Meisterplan

Be Adaptable

Immediately answer what-if questions, quickly react to changes, and resolve over-allocations before they happen.

Be adaptable with Meisterplan

Work Fast

From implementation in only a few days to on the spot decisions in portfolio meetings, everything goes faster with Meisterplan.

Work fast with Meisterplan
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Today’s millennial PPMs want to use advanced PPM software that allows for “lean PPM.”

Larry Alton, Forbes.com

Lean PPM Is All You Need

Lean PPM works with any project management method or tool

We don’t have to tell you that juggling a portfolio of projects is complicated. New projects are coming in, key resources are wanted for every project, deadlines change, project scopes change. You name it, it’s happening. Plus, your teams all use different project management methods and tools, which makes managing the data difficult.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t! Your colleagues are making new requests because they truly want the company to be successful. Your teams use customized tools and methods because they know what works best for them to get the job done.

All you’re missing is the layer between strategy and project management. What you need is Lean PPM. Your PMO will be on top of things. Instead of excess data, your teams will deliver only the information you need. And your senior management will be in a position to make the decisions.

Meisterplan Is Your Lean PPM Tool

Resource management is essential to project portfolio management.

Project Portfolio Management At Its Best

You don’t have the time or money to change the way your company does things, so you need a project portfolio management tool that works with you. One that requires minimal change effort and minimal maintenance. You need a solution that supports a complete process, from new project initiatives to project prioritization to completion, in an uncomplicated way.

  • Ensure the most important projects are completed no matter what

  • Create a realistic portfolio plan that works

  • Give senior management the information they need to make the best decisions

Project Portfolio Management
Cloud PPM software Meisterplan screen displaying clear priorities within your project portfolio

Resource Management Is Essential

Resource Management is a necessity of project portfolio management. Meisterplan is a cloud solution that does both. If you don’t know if you have enough employees with the right skills and available capacities, you cannot confidently plan your project portfolio. You need a tool that gives you accurate resource information, makes you aware of potential problems, and helps you resolve those problems.

  • Maximize resource utilization by seeing which employees with which skills are available when

  • Identify and resolve resource over-allocations across your entire organization

  • Simulate alternative scenarios to quickly respond to changes

Resource Management
Lean PPM with Meisterplan lets your teams work the way they want.

A Lean PPM Tool that Works with Any Mix of Tools and Methods

Your IT team uses one tool for agile PM, another team prefers another tool for traditional PPM. You need a tool that works with both. No problem. It doesn’t matter what mix of project management methods or tools your company uses. With a Lean PPM tool like Meisterplan, you don’t even need to integrate technically with other tools unless you choose to. You only need a bare minimum of information from your teams for Lean PPM to work.

  • Let your teams work the way they want to work

  • Receive only the essential data from your teams

  • Add data directly in Meisterplan or sync with existing tools

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