Success for All: A PMO with One Joint Plan

Bring your entire portfolio together and create a plan that supports each and every stakeholder.

Mareike Hennschen - Hawesko

What Mareike Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan helps us to get an overview of our project portfolio and thus creates transparency for the project managers, specialist departments and, above all, for our executives.

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Mareike Hennschen

How Meisterplan Benefits PMOs

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An Overview of Your Whole Portfolio

Finally, transparency at every level: all your projects, resources, dependencies, and priorities in one place, with real-time simulation to help you test those what-ifs.

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Get Everyone On-Board – Both Management and Your Teams

Convince management with intuitive new reports that help them make better decisions and make your project teams’ lives easier with easy app integration and data import, so they don’t have to change their tools or methods.

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Empower Your Team to Focus on Priorities

Work with all stakeholders on a join plan. With Meisterplan, you can build transparent portfolios based on your true priorities, resolve bottlenecks and empower your teams to focus on work that really matters.

An Overview of Your Whole Portfolio

Everything You Need, All in One View

There’s a simple reason the Portfolio Designer feels so convenient and intuitive: It was designed for YOU. All your projects, resources, dependencies and priorities in one view, and easy to edit.

  • See priorities and project timelines and easily change them with drag-and-drop.
  • Understand resource utilization and see the effect of project changes in real time.
  • Simulate different scenarios to secure the long-term feasibility and profitability of your portfolio.

See Your Whole Portfolio Process

Leading Companies Around the World Thrive with Our Solution
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Learn What Meisterplan Can Do for Your Portfolio

Our experts will guide you through the software in a live demo to find your best use case and answer all of your questions.

Not Just for You: ALL Your Stakeholders Will Benefit


Your managers receive customized reports and dashboards to get exactly the information they need to make the right decisions.

Meisterplan for Executives

Project Managers

Project managers can plug in the tools most relevant for their team, schedule the time and resources they need for a project, track their project team’s time and work closely with other stakeholders.

Meisterplan for Project Managers

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Resource Managers

Team leaders get a clear overview of the availability and utilization of their resources, making sure the right people are available at the right time — without overload.

Meisterplan for Resource Managers


Your employees get enough time to do their jobs really well. They can track their own time, and always know why they are working on which projects and when.

Meisterplan for Employees

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Your Stakeholders Still Need to Be Convinced?

Arrange a no-obligation product demo and simply take the relevant people with you. Our experts are happy to answer all of your questions.

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