People working on the computer.
People working on the computer.

Easily Create Interfaces with the Meisterplan’s REST API (Part 2)

Learn why you should connect your tools to Meisterplan and what benefits it has for you and your company.

8 min read
Boston University Building

Teaching Portfolio Management: Meisterplan at Boston University

How Boston University uses Meisterplan to teach students about project portfolio management.

2 min read
Meisterplan REST API Tool

Easily Create Interfaces with the Meisterplan REST API Tool (Part 1)

Learn why you should connect your tools to Meisterplan via REST API and learn how to do it using practical examples.

6 min read
meisterplan scenarios management

Successful Simulation of Management Decisions With Meisterplan

You know the situation: your management meeting is about to start and the project landscape shows some problem cases. But usually, management doesn't want to be presented with problems, they want solutions. Read in this article how scenario comparisons in Meisterplan help you to appear prepared in the next management meeting.

8 min read

A Productive Start to Project Portfolio Management

These are twelve of the most common reasons why the introduction of project portfolio management fails in many companies. Read also what tips you can use to avoid them.

10 min read
Western & Southern Case Study

Case Study: How Western & Southern Evolved With Meisterplan

Western & Southern uses Meisterplan to improve their resource management, project prioritization, and big picture views of project plans.

8 min read

Case Study: How Ping Identity Outgrew Spreadsheets

With the help of Meisterplan, Ping identity drove organizational change by identifying resource constraints and creating transparency.

7 min read
Gaining transparency with Meisterplan and Lean PPM

Case Study: How Majorel Gained Transparency With Meisterplan

With Meisterplan and Lean PPM, Majorel gained an overview of all IT projects and a structured process to manage their project portfolio.

2 min read
Roadmap User

Case Study: How RIMOWA Built a Global IT Roadmap With Meisterplan

With the help of Meisterplan, RIMOWA built a global IT Project Roadmap for all stakeholders, giving them a solid base for decision-making.

2 min read
Exterior view of Flughafen München

Interview: The use of Clarity and Meisterplan at Munich Airport

Matthias Graf from Flughafen München GmbH provides insights into the use of Clarity, Meisterplan and the integration of third-party systems.

9 min read