Lean PPM™ Framework

Be Ready to Make the Best Decisions with our Lean PPM™ Framework

Our Lean PPM™ framework gives you all of the tools you need to answer the question of which projects will be implemented when and with which team to deliver the best outcomes.

Lean PPM with Meisterplan

Deliver Results with Meisterplan and Lean PPM™

Through its cloud software and Lean PPM™, Meisterplan enables business leaders to drive decisions that keep their organizations moving forward. The Lean PPM™ framework consists of all the roles, tools and meetings your organization needs to develop and prioritize initiatives and quickly adapt your plans so your organization thrives even in times of constant change. You can map the Lean PPM™ framework to what your organization is already doing and then fill in the blanks to ensure you have a complete portfolio management process ready to go as quickly as possible. The Lean PPM™ framework is perfect for those responsible for building and developing a Project Management Office (PMO) because it enables you to determine the most important work and get it accomplished fast even with finite resources.

By using Meisterplan and Lean PPM™ together, you get a visual roadmap that allows you to see the real utilization and capacity of your employees and teams so that you can focus on and deliver the right priorities. Get started with Lean PPM™ by downloading our free templates.

Managing Multiple Projects Doesn’t Have to Be So Difficult

The purpose of project portfolio management is ultimately to provide a clear answer to the question “Who should implement which projects, when?”.  The Lean PPM™ framework uses a system that is divided into four areas of activity.

We call these areas StrategizeCollectDecide, and Execute. The activities within these areas run at the same time and are ongoing.


Translating Your Business Strategy

Senior Management determines the business strategy for the organization. A good project portfolio should be aligned to corporate strategy. In this step of the Lean PPM™ framework, that strategy is translated into criteria that projects are evaluated by to determine their priority.

All projects, even projects already in progress should be evaluated and prioritized based on the decided criteria. Meisterplan supports the Lean PPM™ framework in this part of the process with the following functionality:

  • Customize your project evaluation criteria
  • Easily rate each project based on that criteria
  • Automatically calculate a project priority score based on your project evaluation criteria
  • Sort your project list by priority
  • Drag and drop projects to reorder their prioritization
Lean PPM
Meisterplan PPM


Collecting Project Proposals

In the Collect step of the Lean PPM™ framework, new projects are proposed and project initiatives are developed. Project proposals are created for each initiative including a description, and estimates of the benefit and effort required.

The Collect step also includes proposal coaching where the portfolio coordinator and the project initiator talk through the idea, improve the initiative and determine if the project should move to the next step of the process. If your organization has different committees who review and decide on different types of projects, the portfolio coordinator will also steer the initiative to the right committee.

Meisterplan assists with the activity in the Collect phase by allowing users to:

  • Supports your project intake process from idea to active project with the Board view
  • Create portfolios or sub-portfolios specifically for new project initiatives
  • Mark projects with the current stage gate
  • Use what-if planning to see how new initiatives would affect your portfolio


Deciding Which Projects Will Be Implemented, and When

The Decide step of the Lean PPM™ framework begins with a pipeline review where new project initiatives are checked for quality and receive a ranking. Next, the Strategize, Collect, and Execute steps of the PPM system come together in the portfolio board meeting. This is the highest-level decision-making committee for PPM. The portfolio board monitors overall progress in the portfolio, resolves conflicts, confirms the composition of the portfolio, and decides on future resource deployment. Finally, the decisions of the portfolio board meeting are communicated out to the rest of the company.

In Meisterplan, the Decide step is aided by:

  • Clear and simple visuals that make your portfolio easy to understand
  • The ability to focus on the strategic value of projects using the Board view to make informed decisions
  • Scenario planning to effectively adapt plans
  • Real-time updates to the portfolio for transparency
  • Instant resource allocation to measure the impact on the portfolio
Decentralized Domain Approach to Prioritization
In the Execute step of the Lean PPM framework, project teams are busy completing their projects.


Managing Approved Projects

The Execute step in the Lean PPM™ framework is where project management happens. Your teams may use different project management tools and methods, but Lean PPM™ works independent of the chosen tools and methods. The key to successful execution of projects is transparency across teams about project progress and requirements.

Meisterplan supports project execution with:

  • Resource staffing on the role or individual level
  • Financial tracking to keep projects on budget
  • Clearly identifiable over allocation of resources
  • Project milestones and dependencies

Any project management conflicts that cannot be resolved are escalated to the execution steering committee. Only issues that cannot be answered within this process are escalated to the portfolio board meeting.

Meisterplan Is Your Lean PPM™ Solution

Get Everything You Need

  • Interactive company-wide resource planning
  • Flexible resource management at the role and employee level
  • Management of available capacity by department, role and skill
  • Real-time scenario simulation
  • Continue working with your existing project management tools and methods
  • Replace your Excel-based portfolio planning

Make Plans That Work

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