Resource Planning for Product Development

Software to understand availability across teams and know when dependencies will be a problem

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Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Meisterplan provides a single source of truth that’s always up to date. Get better time to market – without relying on complex spreadsheet maintenance.

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Keep Organization Simple

Focus on the big picture and forget the unnecessary details. Coordinate the utilization of your resources across all the teams involved in your product launch.

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Resolve Resource Bottlenecks

See availability in real time and understand how changes affect your plan so that you can make informed staffing decisions.

Plan at a High Level

Stay fast and reliable by focusing on your whole portfolio, not individual tasks.

  • Schedule projects and programs using straightforward visualizations of your project timelines and resource data.
  • Make your data accessible to all relevant people to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Stay organized across departments and technologies, even if some teams work Agile.

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Plan in Advance

Determine who does what, and when they do it, to identify bottlenecks before they even happen.

  • Keep track of your long-term roadmap, including project milestones and dependencies.
  • Quickly find the source of conflicts and inform relevant teams about decisions or changes that need to be made.
  • Use “what-if” scenarios to test solutions and immediately see their effects on your entire portfolio.

Plan with the People You Need

Ensure the right people are available at the right time.

  • Create timelines you can commit to by having a clear view of when team members are available.
  • Get transparency about commitments across departments when you need skills or capacity from other teams.
  • Send reminders and leave comments directly in Meisterplan when you need updated information.

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What Dominik Loves About Meisterplan

With Meisterplan, we no longer have unnecessary discussions about whether problems, such as resource bottlenecks, really exist. Instead, we focus on working on the right things and solve problems proactively.

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Dominik Trisl

What Jesper Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan shows us the current balance of demand and capacity in a visual format at all times. This allows our management to make project portfolio decisions based on facts instead of gut feelings.

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Jesper Mols Rasmussen

Claus Spruch - Excelitas Technologies

What Claus Loves About Meisterplan

Since rolling out Meisterplan, we’ve seen a drastic improvement in the visibility of our project development, in particular our resource capacity. Thanks to Meisterplan, we recognize quickly which resources are at or over capacity, where we have untapped potential, and also which projects may need to be adjusted.

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Claus Spruch

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