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Work on high priority projects that make the most of your skills and capacity without any overtime.

Sebastian Wittern - Hawesko

What Sebastian Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan gives our team members a sense of security. They can clearly focus on their topics, and that is highly motivating for them. And they have the backing of our management.

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Sebastian Wittern

How Team Members Benefit from Meisterplan

Illustration Sufficient Time

Sufficient Time and Backing for Important Projects

Your managers know your skills and capacity. This means they can ensure you work on projects that fit your abilities and schedule.

Illustration Transparency

Transparency about Current Projects and Priorities

Gain insight at any time into projects planned for you, your company's roadmap and the status of your project ideas – so you’re always up to date with Meisterplan.

Illustration Clear Channels

Clear Channels for New Ideas and Emerging Bottlenecks

This is your place to address your project-related interests or concerns – you can propose project ideas or communicate when you may become a bottleneck.

What Meisterplan Has to Offer

An Overview of Your Projects and Workload

In Meisterplan, you can see at a glance which projects you are assigned to, what priority they have and what your workload is. 

Screenshot My Projects

A Communication Channel for Your Needs

Directly address project and resource managers in Meisterplan if their plans are not realistic for you.

Screenshot My Projects with Project Comments

A Look at the Company’s Roadmap

Get context for the projects you’re working on by viewing your company’s goals and roadmap in Meisterplan. 

Hi-fi Screenshot of the Roadmap View with Milestones and Dependencies

A Point of Contact for New Project Ideas

With Meisterplan, you can be sure that your project ideas are visible to those responsible and given the chance to be developed further. 

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