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Outgrow Excel for PPM: A Recap From Our Webinar

We'd like to thank everyone for our attending our recent webinar, "Outgrow Excel: Take the Next Step in Resource Management and PPM Maturity." Here are the questions asked by attendees during the webinar.

Project Scope Changes
Best Practices for Managing Project Scope Changes in Your PMO

As a PMO leader, you can help set your organization up for success in managing scope changes with a few best practices.

PMOs in the Banking Industry
The Importance of PMOs in the Finance Industry

Learn about the crucial role PMOs play in the execution of project portfolios in the finance industry and how they solve industry-specific challenges.

PMO Complexity
5 Ways PMOs Can Help Reduce Complexity in Your Organization

Some complexity in an organization is good (and necessary), but to keep complexity under control, try these five ways to reduce complexity.

Actual Time Worked
Where Do We Spend Our Time and Why It Matters

Do you know where project teams spend their time? Maybe you have a general idea, but understanding exactly what work is being done in your organization is crucial for success.

Project Prioritization
How to Define Which Projects are Actually a Priority

To understand which projects are actually a priority, you'll need to define prioritization criteria for a scoring system.

Building Visibility in Project Plans
How to Improve the Visibility of Your Project Plans

Building project plan visibility can seem difficult, but we’ve got a few recommendations to help improve the visibility of your project plans.

Meisterplan Project Portfolio Management Actuals
Power Your Project Portfolio with Actuals – Time Worked

The Meisterplan team is very excited to announce the release of Actuals – Time Worked. With this new feature, Meisterplan users are now able to compare their project plans to actual project performance.

Prepare for Management Decisions
How to Prepare for a Management Meeting About Your Project Portfolio

It’s that time again. Your management team is meeting soon to make decisions on your organization’s project portfolio. Learn how to prepare with Meisterplan.

graphic of an Excel worksheet
Should I Use Excel for Project Portfolio Management?

Excel is a great tool with many functions, and most people know how to use at least the basic functions. So, you may think it makes sense to use Excel for project portfolio management and resource management. If your company is looking for a PPM tool, that fits your budget, is easy to use, and easily and quickly accomplishes the necessary functions, is Excel really the best choice?