Just What The Doctor Ordered: Reinventing How A Hospital Operates With Agile Project Portfolio Management

Despite the traditional project management methods used in the healthcare industry, Munich Hospital managed to adopt the Agile method through a stringent but dynamic process. Here are some interesting insights from Munich Hospital's Marco Weidemeier on the process of changing the way the hospital works.

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The Gantt Chart – The MVP of Project Portfolio Management

If you’ve ever managed many projects or portfolios at once, you’ve probably heard of or at least seen a Gantt chart. Gantt charts are a powerful tool for portfolio and task management used by professionals across a wide variety of industries. While now they are almost exclusively created and edited on computers, they were actually created long before computers and the internet. For over 100 years, Gantt charts have been the MVP of project portfolio management, which is why project portfolio managers are loving how Meisterplan utilizes Gantt charts in their project planning. 

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Strict Adherence to Agile Is Actually Not Very Agile

“Agile” has been a buzzword for quite a while. Teams work Agile. Modern management is Agile. Using an Agile framework to reorganize classic production processes is a big initiative at a lot of companies these days. Somehow, everything is Agile – and, as always, when a trend reaches its peak, we have to ask ourselves: How much of this is hype and how much of it is substance?

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Project Prioritization: Stop Working on the Wrong Projects!

Scarce resources and even scarcer resources. Your project portfolio simply cannot be effective without strategic project prioritization. But how do you prioritize projects that all seem to take priority? In this article, we present three possible prioritization methods: the ranking method, the scoring method, and the domain approach.

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Portfolios and Scenarios in Meisterplan – What’s the Difference?

Many new Meisterplanners have questions about the difference between portfolios and scenarios and how to use them effectively. In this article, Kevin Johnson, from our partner Sandhill Consulting explains the difference between portfolios and scenarios and offers some best practices on how to use these two features in Meisterplan.

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