Development of Custom Products Not Going Fast Enough?

Coordinate your experts across technical disciplines and projects with our lightweight resource planning software.

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Meisterplan Is Your Solution

implement changes quickly and easily

Realistically Plan Products and Orders

Custom orders, upcoming deadlines, dependencies and capacity - you always know what's going on even with last minute orders.

Flexibly Coordinate Specialists Across Your Organization

Capacity planning that works for all departments and stakeholders. This means you can develop more products and commit to more orders, no matter how complex.

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Keep Your Change Effort to a Minimum

Continue to rely on proven strengths, tools and working methods because Meisterplan can become your single source of truth with just a minimal amount of data.

The Overarching Plan for All Your Engineers, Developers and Technical Experts

With Meisterplan, you can finally create a common plan for all of your people, no matter their department, role or working style.

You can transparently coordinate specialists across departments, and instantly visualize when bottlenecks will arise. Plus, even when the unexepected happens, you’ll be able to deliver a realistic plan alternative to resolve any capacity constraints.

See how capacity planning works with Meisterplan

Organized and Fast Order Processing

Can we take on this order? What are the dependencies? And how can I coordinate our people so we can deliver as quickly as possible? 

Play out the possible scenarios in Meisterplan to find out in real-time what works and what doesn’t.

How we help you deliver

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Excelitas Delivers On Time with Meisterplan

Downturn? No, an Opportunity!

Meisterplan is lightweight, inexpensive and easy-to-integrate into your existing processes and software landscape.

With our team and our integrations, Meisterplan will bring flexibility to your planning to ensure you are prepared for whatever the future has in store. 

Increase Your Pace and Your Time for Product Development

A pursuit of continuous improvement alongside innovation — cultivate a culture that’s dedicated to delivering the best to your clients. With Meisterplan, you prioritize the right projects ensuring your teams have the time to play to their strengths and produce the best possible product.

Product development with Meisterplan

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