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With many years of experience, our team is fully committed and ready to support you in moving forward confidently with Meisterplan.

Get Started Right with Meisterplan’s Proven Professional Services

Onboarding Package

Achieve tangible outcomes in the shortest time possible with our Onboarding Package.  With our proven 7-step plan, together we optimize your Meisterplan configuration to fit your organization’s PPM Process.

Onboarding Package includes:

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you through onboarding including:

  • Introduction to Meisterplan, including an overview of the solution and reporting capabilities.
  • Introduction to Lean PPM framework, templates, and instructions how to customize.
  • Recommendations and training on configuration which would best support your PPM process.
  • Introduction and templates to get your project and resource data imported.
  • Practices to increase adoption as you train/rollout to other stakeholders. 

Your choice of an Onboarding Package that fits your situation:

  • The Onboarding Package starts at $6,000 for 24 hours of service. It is best for a small implementation team with the time to execute the required tasks between working sessions.
  • Each additional 8 hours of service is $2,000. At least 8 additional hours  are recommended when one of the following pertains to your organization:  decentralized PMO’s that approach PPM differently,  integrations are critical for success, PMO maturity is desired through learning better practices, or the implementation lead is unable to focus on the tasks in between working sessions.

Optional Add-on Training Services:

  • Facilitating introductory sessions
  • Creation of customized training material
  • Facilitating hands-on training
  • Participation in adoption and refinement sessions

Optional Add-on Change Management Workshop:

Change management is a term for all approaches to prepare, support, and help individuals adopt to new tools or process.  It is natural to have resistance to new process or software, especially in quick moving companies when there is already a lot of business change. Therefore, we offer a workshop solely focused on helping you garner support as well as ensure a successful implementation. 

These sessions will be customized to fit your exact change management needs.

Customer Success Package

Our Customer Success Package is the ideal way to ensure you get the most out of your investment and continuously solve new business challenges.  Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will have quarterly business reviews, explain how to leverage upcoming product features, share better practices, and ensure timely resolution to your functional questions.

Customer Success Package includes:

  • Premium support with a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure timely resolution to your functional questions and escalation to critical issues. Direct access to CSM via email and video calls, beyond the standard support.
  • Quarterly 1-hour sessions with your dedicated CSM.

Customize your package to fit your needs:

Customer Success packages start at $2,000.

We recommend purchasing additional services to tackle challenges such as change management, new or increased goals, and extending the use of Meisterplan or increasing PMO maturity in your organization.

What Mike Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan have supported us through its adoption and continue to evolve the solution in line with our and other customer needs.

Head of Project Management Office|Loughborough University

Mike Domokos

Your Path with the Meisterplan Team

Do you have any questions? The Meisterplan team is here for you. 

Is Meisterplan the right solution for us?

Honest advice from your first contact. Full transparency of features, prices, and honest sales conversations.

What is the best way to implement Meisterplan?

With our Onboarding Package, you will be set up for success and be productive quicker.

How do we roll out Meisterplan?

Results-oriented onboarding with staying power.

Can we improve the way we use Meisterplan?

Together we meet your goals and challenges with many support options. 

Professional Services for Your Long-Term Success

Custom Trainings and Workshops

Introductory Training

In the Introductory Training, a Meisterplan expert will introduce Meisterplan to any team or user group to provide improved understanding of process & capabilities.

Duration: 90 minutes per session

Customized Training

Customized Training Material tailored for any user group. Includes PowerPoint decks with links to self-help material and a training script to help your internal trainer communicate the key points, while facilitating the training.

Hands-On Training

A Meisterplan expert will facilitate the Hands-On Training of any team or user group in your organization. Each training will draw upon “show-do-practice” learning principles alongside relevant exercises within a generic training environment.

Duration: 4 hours per session

Strategy Execution Workshop

In our Strategy Execution Workshop, a Meisterplan expert will work with you to optimize your portfolio management and ensure more value is delivered. We will review your intake process, roles & responsibilities, meeting schedule and purpose, portfolio goals, project scoring and scenario management.  The workshop can be tailored for either a traditional stage-gate process or for Agile planning. 

Duration: 8 hours (broken into 2-hour sessions)

Resource Capacity Management Workshop

In our Resource Capacity Management Workshop, a Meisterplan expert with work with you to improve your project success rate by increasing visibility into resource constraints. We will incorporate practices for estimating work, effectively sharing project resources, resolving conflicts, and reviewing project metrics at closure.

Duration: 8 hours (divided into 2-hour sessions)

Custom Integrations Workshop

In our Custom Integrations Workshop, a Meisterplan expert will work with you to increase productivity and transparency by integrating Meisterplan into your greater tech ecosystem. Possible integrations include HR systems, time reporting software, PM Tools, and BI solutions. We will create a custom integration concept based on the requirements for your use case.

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Your Custom Professional Services

We would be happy to work with you to develop an implementation or change project tailored to your individual challenges.

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What Is Important to Us and Who We Are

Get to know our team, so you can trust who you are working with.

Outcome-Oriented Services

Our professional services are only effective if they are sustainable and the success is measurable. Unlike normal consultants, we stay until it works. And continually work with you to solve future challenges.

over Software

People and processes come first. Only then comes the software. It’s always about how you collaborate, make decisions and communicate. We are happy to help you succeed.

We Know What Really Matters

With 10 years of Meisterplan, over 20 years of PPM consulting, and countless successful customers, we bring a lot of experience and have a strong team to solve your challenges.

Stephan Anders

Stephan Anders
Director of Sales

I focus on listening to the customer and helping identify the best solution for your business problem.

Deborah Summerville

Debbie Summerville
Director of Customer Success

I’m passionate about helping our customers achieve their outcomes and overcome challenges.

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas
Regional Sales Manager

Your friend at Meisterplan – I can get you the support you deserve.

Oliver Nemeczek

Oliver Nemeczek
Integration Expert

I conquer every challenge with perseverance.

Achim Gnan

Achim Gnan
Senior Customer Success Manager

I’m enthusiastic about developing solutions to support customer success.

Annika Niemann

Annika Niemann
Customer Success Manager

I make it easy for you to get started with portfolio management.

Sophia Malak

Sophia Malak
Customer Success Manager

My strength is setting the right focus at the pace the customer desires

What Comes Naturally to Us

Your Customer Success Manager

Your personal contact person (for Pro and Premium packages) supports you in achieving your goals with Meisterplan. They regularly look at your challenges and provide support with the method (Lean PPM framework) and with the software.

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Reliable and Fast Customer Support

Meisterplan Support helps you quickly and reliably with technical problems or anything unclear in the tool. We are very happy to be there for you during our business hours. 

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Completely Customized Advice

To keep you on the road to success, we offer you custom training and workshops  to solve your challenges.

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Transparent Product Development

With our Hot Topics, the Product Newsletter and regular reviews with your Customer Success Manager, you are well informed. We take your feedback on our product seriously.

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