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Solve Your Resource Management Puzzle

Resource management software for achievable and adaptable plans.

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PPM and Resource Management Software in One Lean Tool

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Your employees are your most important resource. The success of your projects depends in large part on your employees. You need the right amount of people to get the job done. They also have to be qualified with the skills you need to accomplish multiple types of projects. And they must have available capacity. This is complicated enough when managing a single project, but when you are trying to accomplish resource management for an entire portfolio of projects, it can be overwhelming.

That’s where Meisterplan comes in. We know that project portfolio management simply doesn’t work without resource management. That’s why Meisterplan is resource management software built into project portfolio management software. It gives you the tools you need to plan your resources across a single department or across your entire organization.

Resource Visibility

Gather all of the resource information you need in one place so that you can get a bird’s eye view for resource planning.

Gain visibility into your resource pool to realistically plan your portfolio. With all of the relevant data including individual resources, skills, availability and roles in one tool, resource management will become a smooth process.

  • Visualize the big picture of your organization’s staffing situation.

  • See at a glance what employees with what skills are available when.

  • Use the calendar functions for accurate resource availability including vacation and other leaves.

Work with clear priorities within the project portfolio management software Meisterplan

Resource Focused Planning

Optimize resource utilization and build a resource-centric project portfolio.

Once you have all of your resource information in one place, then the resource focused planning really begins. You will instantly see the projects that need more capacity. You can then determine which resources with which skills are available and easily match the most qualified resources to the right projects.

  • Allocate staff by role, by skill or by individual to determine if you have the capacity to deliver.

  • Maximize resource utilization by matching the most qualified and available employees to the most important projects.

  • Simulate ways to increase your capacity internally or add external capacity when needed.

Optimize resource utilization and build a resource-centric project portfolio.

Tactical Resource Management

Quickly react to changes to avoid or resolve resource conflicts.

Your portfolio plans will be adaptable when changes occur. You will easily identify resource conflicts or even potential conflicts. With interactive and fast scenario simulations, you will then find scheduling and staffing solutions to resolve those conflicts.

  • Interactively solve resource allocation puzzles across your entire organization.

  • Simulate scheduling and project portfolio alternatives to immediately see the impact on resource utilization.

  • Spot resource bottlenecks and resolve them with a few clicks while respecting dependencies.

Quickly react to changes to avoid or resolve resource conflicts.

Resource Management Analytics, Dashboards & Reports

Manage and analyze your resource data to make informed decisions.

You get a clear picture of your portfolio’s roles and resources, capacities and allocations right in the main dashboard. You can also analyze your resource data from different angles using report templates on allocation cost, capacity utilization, and short-term available capacities, enabling you to make the best decisions.

  • Get information about the roles and resources in your portfolio at a glance.

  • Use the interactive Allocation Histogram to learn more about your resources, capacities and allocations.

  • Access the report templates or customize your own report to analyze the resource data from whatever angle suits you best.

Manage and analyze your resource data to make informed decisions.
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