Reliable Product Development Schedules

Better manage resource bottlenecks so you meet time-to-market targets and customer commitments.

Proven across Industries

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Manage Resource Bottlenecks across Projects, Departments, Methodologies

Whether you develop off-the-shelf products or create custom solutions based on your standard components:
if you don’t have the right people available at the right time, development efforts come to a halt.

With Meisterplan, you coordinate resource allocations across the organization with ease, so you reliably deliver your development portfolio, not only a single project.

Customer Project Delivery Order Scheduling
Master Scheduling

Realistically schedule programs and projects based on an interactive view for timelines, resources, and dependencies.

Customer Project Delivery Staffing And Handling Changes
Operational Conflict Resolution

Immediately see the consequences of timing and resource availability changes, and find solutions that reflect what matters most, now.

Customer Project Delivery Long Term Capacity Management
Long-Term Capacity Management

Build the right capacities across the organization, based on well-founded knowledge which skills really make a difference to speed up the organization.

Master Scheduling

An Integrated Resource Plan Across Technologies

Create a development portfolio that considers resource availabilities and dependencies across all components.

  • Plan across technologies and departments, no matter how work is executed
  • Simulate different “What-if-scenarios”, see impact in real time
  • Consider dependencies and build a plan that you can confidently commit to
Portfolio Designer Jira Integration

Agile? Agile!

In Meisterplan, timelines and resource allocations form the universal currencies for managing a development portfolio.

  • Coordinate agile teams and regular teams in a combined plan
  • Avoid being pulled into the details of operational planning
  • Drive true organizational agility - at the portfolio level

Operational Resource Conflict Resolution

Really Know Who is Available

Our Team Planner view provides resource managers with a simple and effective work environment, built just for them.

  • Leverage our highly visual, flexible, better-than-excel work environment for keeping an overview
  • Consider multiple calendars, personal absences, and run-the-business commitments
  • Work with capacity requesters to find the best staffing match

Operational Priorities Matter

Resolve resource conflicts based on a solid understanding of how your plans tie together across the entire portfolio.

  • Immediately identify the source of resource conflicts, even if they do not originate in your portfolio
  • Make decisions based on global prioritization or give teams the ability to find solutions themselves
  • Notify requesters and team members, or be notified on projects changes

Long-Term Capacity Management

Hire for Speed, Based on Documented Need

Identify those roles that always create bottlenecks, so your hiring has maximum impact on your ability to deliver.

  • Identify the most critical resource groups
  • Simulate capacity scenarios
  • Leverage our dedicated reports for resource need analysis

Resource Administration

Resource Pool

All Relevant HR Data in One Spot

Import relevant personnel data from your HR systems – or maintain it directly in Meisterplan.

  • Quickly capture meta data such as department, working time model, or cost rate
  • Work with multi-country calendars
  • Flexibly maintain skills information

Everyone Benefits

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