PMOs Managing Remote Teams
PMOs Managing Remote Teams

Achieving Business Agility: A Recap From Our Webinar

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We had a blast hosting our recent webinar 3 Ways to Build Resiliency for Today…and Tomorrow and would like to thank everyone that was able to attend. There was a great discussion with Laura Barnard, CEO of PMO Strategies, on how organizations can better anticipate change, adapt project plans, and accelerate the execution of their strategic goals.

In case you missed it, you can check out the recording on the right. Also, take a look at some of the great questions we received from our attendees.

Secondary CTA Webinar

Meisterplan Webinar

Topic: 3 Ways to Build Resiliency for Today…and Tomorrow

Q&A from the Webinar

Question #1:

I struggle with projects being a single entity. Most companies have their top projects to watch because of some component that is very important to them. But, the entire project may carry additional components that slow it down and take resources away from more important components that live in another project. How do you “protect” those components and analyze scenarios to stagger components between projects?


We see a few common ways that our customers will manage that level of detail. Sometimes they use project phases and milestones to highlight the different project components. With that approach, you can see where project phases/components overlap to identify any critical concerns. Since this uses milestones as a basis, you can also create dependencies to indicate where those concerns may be.

We also have some customers who will use programs and sub-projects to manage these separate components. This creates some additional complexity but can help with more granular management of the individual components.

Question #2:

Can you show the financial impact summarized at the portfolio level, for scenario building purpose, like with resources?


Absolutely! With Meisterplan you can create budgets and include project benefits and expenses to build a portfolio-level view of your financials.

For more information, check out our great Help Article that can be found here.

Question #3:

What are your recommendations in addressing data quality from disparate databases for large organizations?


The answer largely depends on the number of disparate data sources and the number of people tasked with managing that data. In our experience, automation helps greatly to avoid duplicate efforts and ensure data consistency, so we have direct integrations with Smartsheet, ServiceNow, Clarity, Jira, and Excel. For the systems we don’t yet support, we have a RESTful API as well as an integration with Zapier, a workflow and integration tool that supports hundreds of SaaS solutions. In some cases, the answer is more closely tied to the process than the technology, so we have some solutions for that as well.

Question #4:

Do you have more webinars or similar events coming up soon?


We’re participating in the PMO Impact Summit, a virtual event taking place September 14-26 and hosted by PMO Strategies. As part of the event, we’ll have a recorded session on What Makes a Great PMO Leader, hosted by Christoph Hirnle, CEO of Meisterplan.  Christoph will discuss new ways of thinking about the role of PMO leaders and what opportunities they have even in challenging times. More event information can be found at

PMO Impact Summit

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