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These 5 use cases are practical examples of what your company can achieve with Meisterplan.

Meisterplan Brings the Most Benefit to:

Customer Solutions Delivery

Reliably Deliver Customer Projects Through Realistic Capacity Planning

When planning customer projects, consider factors such as availability, dependencies and important milestones and deadlines.

  • Create a plan that you really have the capacity for and make reliable commitments
  • Increase your profit margin by realistically planning effort resulting in the completion of more projects
  • Prepare for different scenarios and see potential impacts in real time

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Product Development

Minimize Idle Time Across Teams and Reduce Time to Market 

Attain optimal utilization based on the skills and capacity of your experts without causing burnout.

  • Plan with the exact talent you need based on their real capacity to get the most accomplished
  • Drive innovation and ensure the most important projects are prioritized
  • Achieve the shortest possible time-to-market across your entire project portfolio

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Agile Product Development

Make Reliable Forecasts Considering All Capacity and Dependencies

See agile work alongside traditional projects to improve capacity planning and visualize a long-term plan.

  • Let your teams work agile with their favorite tools while gaining access to the data you need
  • Decision-makers can see the big picture of agile work, including how well projects are progressing, to make the decisions they need based on capacity and dependencies
  • Stay open to new technologies and easily incorporate them into your decision-making process

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Corporate IT

Increase Satisfaction with Transparent IT Roadmaps

Align on your top IT projects and deliver them across departments despite limited resources.

  • Plan employees realistically - taking into account individual availability and dependencies between projects
  • Take IT projects from idea to completion directly in Meisterplan
  • Make your overall roadmap transparent to all stakeholders while adapting to changing plans or priorities as needed

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Business Transformation

Move Your Top Projects Forward with Clear Capacity Planning

Realize your desired business outcomes by tracking and prioritizing projects that contribute to your goals.

  • Evaluate and prioritize all projects based on objective criteria
  • Create plan alternatives to ensure your desired business outcomes become a reality
  • Simplify your decision-making process with our Lean PPM framework

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Use Cases Business Transformation Illustration
Meisterplan customer Felix Willing

What Felix Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan opened our eyes to resource bottlenecks and new portfolio solutions.


Felix Willing

Claus Spruch - Excelitas Technologies

What Claus Loves About Meisterplan

With Meisterplan, we are able to deliver client projects and products on time. As a 100% client-driven company, our reliability has been our greatest factor of success.

Director Project Management|Excelitas Technologies Corp.|open_in_new

Claus Spruch

What Simon Loves About Meisterplan

The Meisterplan solution has been key to the development of our IT Project Roadmap and for easy change management. Today we are able to focus our energy on making the right decisions, instead of collecting and assessing information for new initiatives.

IT Portfolio Manager|RIMOWA|open_in_new

Simon Carayol

What Thomas Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan offers us the possibility to present a wide variety of parameters, perspectives and facts in a holistic and transparent way in order to make the necessary and correct decisions for an efficient and targeted project portfolio.

Chief Project Officer|GMS Development|open_in_new

Thomas Fittkau

Mareike Hennschen - Hawesko

What Mareike Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan helps us to get an overview of our project portfolio and thus creates transparency for the project managers, specialist departments and, above all, for our executives.

Project Portfolio Coordinator|Hawesko GmbH|open_in_new

Mareike Hennschen

What Frank Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan enables us to plan ahead for our customer projects, quickly adjust as needed, report clearly to colleagues and customers and make binding commitments.

Head of Project Management & Support|sovanta AG|open_in_new

Frank Schwartz

What Dominik Loves About Meisterplan

With Meisterplan, we no longer have unnecessary discussions about whether problems, such as resource bottlenecks, really exist. Instead, we focus on working on the right things and solve problems proactively.

Strategy & Business Development|bmp greengas|open_in_new

Dominik Trisl

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