Product Management and Agile – Agile Misunderstood

Introducing Scrum meant introducing a culture change. Moving away from waterfall planning with big concepts to small iterations. But we can't ignore the big concepts and milestones, especially not from the management perspective. Product management falls right in the middle of this gap. On one hand, there are the benefits of agile, and on the other hand, the importance of reliable planning. How do we bring this together? Our product manager, Stefan Schneider, tells his thoughts on the topic.

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Project Portfolio Management Works for More Than Just IT

When people hear the term project portfolio management (PPM), many think that it is a process to manage IT projects and investments. However, there is no reason portfolio management principles should only be applied to IT. In this blog post, we discuss why project portfolio management makes sense for multiple areas of business and not just IT.

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5 Things a PMO Manager Should Never Say

PMOs are starting to overcome the bad opinions people seemed to have of them in the past. Still, there are things a PMO Manager should avoid saying or doing to increase support, respect and cooperation with project teams. Here is my list of five things a PMO manager shouldn't say or do, and possible alternatives to ensure the success of your PMO.

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