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Brittany Jonaitis

What Brittany Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan helps communicate scrum-based planning in a visual way to executive management. It keeps a pulse on the work getting completed (and not completed) across the enterprise while showing the hierarchal priority and context to other projects and programs.

Senior Director Program Management, Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP)

Brittany Jonaitis

Realistic Program Increment and Lean Portfolio Management

With Meisterplan, agile product development teams align their increment plans using simple and universal metrics: timing and dependencies. Product managers actively create a 12-month roadmap to ensure the rapid development of high-value, low-cost features. Taking into consideration capacities results in more reliable plans that can be executed efficiently.

Rest assured: we kept it simple and grounded in reality, making it an ideal solution for scaling Agile.

Illustration Program Increment Planning
Program Increment Planning

Bring together your Product Owners’ individual plans into an overall increment schedule to run decentralized or Big Room planning meetings.

Illustration Cross Team Staffing
Cross-Team Staffing

No organization runs on fully dedicated teams without exceptions. Make sure experts help out where needed to speed up the entire increment.

Illustration Lean PPM
Lean Portfolio Management

Lean Portfolio Management is more than simply funding value streams. Actively manage your 12-month pipeline to create dependable roadmaps.

Program Increment Planning

Big Room Planning Made Simple

Prepare and conduct your increment planning meetings considering goals, resource availabilities and dependencies across all teams.

  • Product Owners focus on essential information: timing and dependencies
  • No changes to operational data – Meisterplan acts as a dedicated planning layer
  • Create and explore real-time "What-if" scenarios
Jira Align Dont Overrule

Align, Don’t Overrule

With Meisterplan, you can plan capacity and timing without interfering with the data in your operational systems.

  • Align increment schedules and capacity commitments with the issue details in other systems
  • Utilize our JIRA Connector to simulate the likely deliverables based on timing limitations
  • Work with individual velocity assumptions for each initiative

Cross-Team Staffing

Keep Track of Cross-Team Commitments

Our Team Planner view offers team leads a straightforward and effective work environment to monitor their team’s obligations.

  • Leverage our comprehensive and visual workspace, better than Excel because it is made for resource management
  • Accommodate multiple calendars, personal absences, and run-the-business commitments
  • Collaborate with colleagues requesting capacity requesters to identify the best staffing for projects
Team Planner Cross Team Commitments

Simulate Resourcing Scenarios on The Fly

Assigning external or internal experts to other teams affects the overall increment. With our scenario environment, you can simulate various options and assess their impact.

  • Immediately see the effects of resourcing decisions, even beyond your own portfolio
  • Make informed global prioritization choices or empower teams to discover solutions themselves
  • Collaborate with experts, project managers and team leads to determine the optimal solution

Lean Portfolio Management

Pipeline Management for Product Managers

Manage your portfolio and release train backlogs in a realistic and transparent way, enabling the rest of the organization to prepare for upcoming work.

  • Make transparent what work you are considering for the next 12 months with our simple Portfolio Kanban
  • Work with minimal data – no initial estimates, stories or even specific teams needed
  • Centralize the management of initiatives in a single workspace, regardless of how or where the work will be executed
Board View Pipeline Management
Reports Portfolio Budgeting

Portfolio Budgeting and Monitoring

Value stream funding decisions are crucial for determining achievable outcomes, but it doesn’t end there!

  • Set value stream budgets with our Portfolio Budgets
  • Simulate scenarios to see the effects of financial and human resource availability
  • Gain insights by comparing original estimates with actual effort, allowing for continuous learning and improvement

Resource Administration

Resource Pool HR Data

All Relevant HR Data in One Place

Import relevant personnel data from your HR systems  – or maintain it directly in Meisterplan.

  • Quickly capture metadata like working time models, teams or departments
  • Flexibly maintain skills information for accurate resource allocation
  • Utilize multi-country calendars to accommodate diverse work schedules

Everyone Benefits

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