Push the Pedal to the Metal

Ensure your top priority initiatives actually take off by committing sufficient capacity across the organization

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Move Your Top Projects Forward
with Clear Capacity Planning

Your desired business outcomes can only become a reality if your most important projects have enough resources.
Meisterplan helps you select the right initiatives, weave them together into meaningful and realistic project portfolios and monitor their execution. All while your project teams can keep using their favorite tools. Get everyone on board through our Lean PPM  framework.

Strategize Illustration
Strategize: Make Your Strategy Actionable

Make your business goals transparent and translate them into evaluation criteria used to prioritize your projects.

Collect - Project Intake
Collect: Develop Project Ideas

Collect, refine, and evaluate project ideas to match your goals, regardless of how the projects will be executed.

Strategize an Decide - Portfolio Design
Decide: Make the Right Commitments

Build effective portfolios by aligning strategic priorities, timing, dependencies, human resources, and financial resources.

Execute - Implementation Acceleration
Execute: Accelerate Implementation

Balance decentralized decision making with centralized monitoring of the overall portfolio to achieve maximum velocity.

Strategize: Make Your Strategy Actionable

Focus on What You Want to Achieve

  • Add your corporate goals
  • Drag and drop current projects to the goals they support
  • Assign new project initiatives to the relevant goals

Get Ready to Score, Evaluate and Rank Initiatives

  • Translate your strategy into customized scoring criteria
  • Determine value by giving weightings to the criteria that makes up the project score
  • Include factors such as strategy fit, payback period and risk level

Give It a Try

Test Meisterplan with your own data or use demo data to explore our functionalities for strategizing.

Collect: Develop Project Ideas

Build an Effective Project Intake Process

  • Propose and collect new project ideas
  • Record and collaborate on new project proposals to be further developed
  • Start simple with project names and rough time estimates
Meisterplan Project List

Easily Display and Edit Project Information

  • See a quick overview of project details, including how well the project is progressing
  • Give project managers a straightforward list of their projects
  • Immediately see which projects have been marked critical for quick action

Decide: Make the Right Commitments

Use Interactive Views to Answer What-If Questions

  • Use our interactive drag-and-drop functions to see changes and answer what-if questions in real-time
  • Visualize all active projects and adjust scheduling while respecting milestones & dependencies to other projects
  • Test the impact of conflict resolutions and decide on the right solution
Roadmap Screenshot

Communicate Your Company Roadmap

  • Share the long-term view of approved projects
  • Align teams on the path forward
  • Offer project managers a clear roadmap of their own projects

Execute: Accelerate Implementation

Analyze Portfolio and Resource Data with Intuitive Reports

  • Compare project plans to actual project performance
  • Determine the financial status of your project portfolio
  • Integrate your data with BI tools such as Power BI and Tableau

Ensure the Right People Do the Right Work without Overload

  • Realistically assign people to projects with a clear view of resource availability and utilization
  • Identify and escalate resource overallocations even before they occur
  • Adjust allocations to resolve conflicts

Make Meisterplan Your Decision-Making Hub

  • Combine operational data from multiple sources such as with our built-in JIRA connector
  • Copy & paste from spreadsheets
  • Connect any source through our certified PowerAutomate and Zapier connectors or our REST API
Portfolio Designer Jira Integration

Resource Administration

Resource Pool

Import Relevant Personnel Data from Your HR System

  • Quickly capture data such as the department and working time model
  • Flexibly maintain skills information
  • Transparently include absences

Everyone Benefits

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