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Karoline Holicky brings not only her southern charm and Cajun cooking (Louisiana born and Texas raised), but as the Marketing Director at Meisterplan, she also brings 15 years of professional experience in many industries including financial services, engineering, oil & gas and the software industry. Karoline watches for best practices and trends in PPM because her main goal is to help companies improve their project portfolio management and resource planning so that they can make plans that work.

Sales Engineer

JOB DESCRIPTION Meisterplan is redefining how companies plan their projects and resources in a world where project and work management are rapidly evolving. With our German-engineered SaaS solution, companies are able to make critical decisions about how to manage change within their organization in less time and with more accuracy. Our [...]

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Simplified IT Portfolio and Resource Planning Webinar

Jon Furner, CEO of ResultsPositive and Brian Hintz, VP of Business Development and Alliances at Meisterplan discussed how companies can use Meisterplan to simplify their portfolio and resource planning and also gave a quick demo of the tool in an webinar on August 8th. Watch the video of the webinar to learn how you can simplify your planning.

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Introducing Meisterplan’s New VP of Business Development and Alliances

2018 is proving to be an exciting year at Meisterplan. First quarter 2018 was our best quarter yet. With new features being added to Meisterplan including a new user interface that will be unveiled very soon, the tool is getting better all the time. And now, we are very excited to announce that Brian Hintz has joined the Meisterplan team as Vice President of Business Development and Alliances. Keep reading to learn more about Brian.

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Project Portfolio Management Works for More Than Just IT

When people hear the term project portfolio management (PPM), many think that it is a process to manage IT projects and investments. However, there is no reason portfolio management principles should only be applied to IT. In this blog post, we discuss why project portfolio management makes sense for multiple areas of business and not just IT.

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5 Things a PMO Manager Should Never Say

PMOs are starting to overcome the bad opinions people seemed to have of them in the past. Still, there are things a PMO Manager should avoid saying or doing to increase support, respect and cooperation with project teams. Here is my list of five things a PMO manager shouldn't say or do, and possible alternatives to ensure the success of your PMO.

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Improve Employee Utilization to Increase Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Simply adding more employees to a project team doesn't mean the project will be completed better or faster. Instead, completing the project sooner depends on how the tasks are assigned, how well the team works together, and how skilled and knowledgeable the team members are on the topic. Learn ways to improve employee utilization!

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