About Karoline Holicky

Karoline Holicky brings not only her southern charm and Cajun cooking (Louisiana born and Texas raised), but as the Marketing Director at Meisterplan, she also brings 15 years of professional experience in many industries including financial services, engineering, oil & gas and the software industry. Karoline watches for best practices and trends in PPM because her main goal is to help companies improve their project portfolio management and resource planning so that they can make plans that work.

5 Secrets for Better Resource Management

For many organizations, resource management is a crucial component of seeing projects completed. But it takes more than a list of employees and projects for resource management to come to life. Like most things, you will get as much out of resource management as you put in. If you’ve got the resource management basics down and want to see what you can do to take it the next level, follow these five tips for even better resource management.

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Six Tips for a Successful Shift to Agile

The Agile methodology was created for developers to better cater to the type of work they performed. However, what was once a project management process for software development has started to spread to other types of work. Organizations are realizing the benefits of working Agile are not strictly for product development. This has led many companies to shift to using Agile across other teams as well, but the process of shifting to Agile is not always easy or successful. Here are six tips to ensure your shift to Agile is a success.

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Resource Management Basics

You probably don’t realize it, but you have been doing resource management all your life. From deciding which shoes to pack in a small suitcase for vacation or what food to cook to feed guests at a large party, resource management is a regular activity. Despite its commonality in our lives, resource management in a professional capacity can be much more complicated. While managing human resources may seem like a daunting or unfamiliar task, knowing the basics can help you get started and reap its benefits.

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What Can You Learn from This Year’s Failures to Make Better Plans for Next Year?

As we quickly approach the end of the year, companies are beginning to celebrate their successes from this year and make plans for the new year. While these two activities are important, they are most effective when paired with an activity that is commonly left out: analyzing this year’s failures. While people are often uncomfortable associating themselves with failure, it would be a huge mistake to try and move your company forward without evaluating shortcomings. When you take the time to learn from your mistakes, you can prepare yourself (and your company) to overcome these challenges and make even more powerful plans.

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