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At Meisterplan, we believe that dynamically managing people on a portfolio level is a decisive lever for business success. ​

Many people who can and want to contribute

Many initiatives we want to drive

All Relevant Decision-Making Factors in One Dynamic View

Priorities, Timing, Capacities, Allocations and Dependencies

Since this is a universal challenge, ​
Meisterplan works regardless of your organizational setup.

Mix Holocracy and Hierarchy

Meisterplan works regardless of how your teams work.

Mix Projects and Scrum

Meisterplan works regardless of your system landscape.

All relevant data in one solution
Some data structured, some unstructured
All relevant data dispersed in teams

This is about working together, so you need to involve several roles, who can all benefit from Meisterplan.

See Meisterplan's Portfolio Designer
Meisterplan Team Planner
Meisterplan Project Details
Meisterplan Goals View
Portfolio Managers​

Build the best possible overall plan to ​reliably deliver on promises. ​

Resource Managers and Teams​

Respect personal commitments and resolve resource constraints by creating a realistic view on resource availability.

Project Managers and Product Owners​

Highlight needs and issues​ so​ decision-makers can help move the work forward​.


Make balanced decisions to achieve business success​ while taking care of your employees​.

All roles can be aligned through our Lean PPM Framework.

Your Success Matters to Us

Outcome driven consulting
High value Help Center
Public product roadmap

The Lean PPM approach helps us have a solid and up-to-date database. I am able to bring figures to the table and easily map our initiatives to make the right decisions quickly. We are very satisfied with our partnership with Meisterplan, and every new day confirms the usefulness of this solution.

IT Portfolio Manager | RIMOWA | open_in_new

Simon Carayol

Meisterplan have supported us through its adoption and continue to evolve the solution in line with our and other customer needs.

Head of Project Management Office | Loughborough University

Mike Domokos

Dennis Riedel

Meisterplan offers us so much more than just a tool. We benefit a lot from the Lean PPM™ framework and the best practices we can implement for our needs. Give it a try!

PMO (Central Unit Sales & Services) | TRUMPF | open_in_new

Dennis Riedel

Darrin McLaughlin

There is no other product that does what Meisterplan does in terms of portfolio management and resource management without unessential extra features. If there were another product that does what Meisterplan does, I would have found it, because I tried them all.

Senior Vice President/Technology Officer | Interra Credit Union | open_in_new

Darrin McLaughlin

I believe in the solution and see how it can benefit any company that manages multiple projects simultaneously. Which I think is just about EVERY company!

New Product Development Manager | Bard Manufacturing Company | open_in_new

Derek Walz

Around the world, the most effective organizations trust Meisterplan.

Meisterplan used in Digital Service Development

Meisterplan used in Learning & Development

Meisterplan used for Corporate & IT Projects

Meisterplan used in Product Development

Meisterplan used in Research & Development

Meisterplan used company-wide

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