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Radically Increase Your Effectiveness

Manage people across your entire portfolio, because you always have:

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many people who can and want to contribute
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Many projects you want to drive
many projects you want to drive

Combine All Relevant Decision-Making Factors into One View

Priorities, Timing, Capacities, Allocations and Dependencies

Build on What’s Already There

Meisterplan works with all organizational setups, whether your teams use a traditional hierarchical structure, a network organizational structure or something in between. 

See the Whole Picture

Get a clear overall view of your entire portfolio, no matter if your teams work waterfall, agile or hybrid. This way, you can plan ahead with a clear vision.

Combine All Your Data in One Place

Easily integrate Meisterplan into your workflow regardless of your system landscape. Find out how you can connect Meisterplan to other programs with our integrations

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What Benjamin Loves About Meisterplan

“Easy to use resource planning application. Until now we used Excel for resource planning. With Meisterplan, it was so easy to import our existing excel planning that we could start with the solution in less than a day.”

Benjamin K.

What Dirk Loves About Meisterplan

“I used this solution for prioritizing our internal projects and found it very helpful. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of planning capabilities to find the optimal project portfolio. This saved a lot of costs and supported efficient resource management. It is easy to use, dynamic and interactive portfolio planning.”

Professional in the Environmental Services Industry

Dirk P.

What Mike Loves About Meisterplan

“Meisterplan have supported us through its adoption and continue to evolve the solution in line with our and other customer needs.”

Head of Project Management Office|Loughborough University

Mike Domokos

Portrait of Matthias Graf

What Matthias Loves About Meisterplan

“Meisterplan focuses on the weak point of the major all-rounder: in simulation. The amazing thing about Meisterplan is that itdesign fills this niche perfectly.”

Chief Project Portfolio & Resource Management|Flughafen München GmbH|open_in_new

Matthias Graf

Claus Spruch - Excelitas Technologies

What Claus Loves About Meisterplan

“With Meisterplan, we are able to plan more long-term. We see months in advance when bottlenecks are likely to occur and are able to hire new resources or skills to compensate.”

Director Project Management|Excelitas Technologies Corp.|open_in_new

Claus Spruch

Christoph Hirnle, author for the Meisterplan blog

What Christoph Loves About Meisterplan

“Business Agility is an organization’s ability to deliver business results reliably and fast, under changing circumstances, in real-world business environments.”

Managing Director|Meisterplan

Dr. Christoph Hirnle

What Peter Loves About Meisterplan

“With Meisterplan, we can always see what exactly the impact of doing any project is – and it´s really simple to use.”

Head of Digital and Customer Experience|Buckinghamshire County Council|open_in_new

Peter Parfitt

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Everyone Works Together and Benefits from a Joint Plan

Project details
Portfolio Managers​

Build the best possible overall plan to ​reliably deliver on promises. ​

Resource Managers and Teams​

Respect personal commitments and resolve resource constraints by creating a realistic view on employee availability.

Project Managers and Product Owners​

Highlight needs and issues​ so​ decision-makers can help move the work forward​.


Make balanced decisions to achieve business success​ while taking care of your employees​.

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