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Project Portfolio Management for the Media & Creative Industry

Project Portfolio Management for the Media & Creative Industry with Meisterplan

Whether new content is created, a new platform is set up or the organization is being strengthened, all work in the Media & Creative Industry is project-based. To work together to achieve the best solution, you need creative minds doing what they do best and business managers who make sure projects can actually be delivered.

Meisterplan’s visual user interface gives managers an overview of what is happening and what should be worked on across the entire organization. With a click of a button, managers can provide up-to-the minute information on the portfolio, instead of manually composing time-consuming and costly reports. Meisterplan consolidates valuable and helpful information about all projects, detailing which projects have issues that could affect budget and scope.

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How Meisterplan Supports the Media & Creative Industry

Real-time representation of actual projects and the simulation of alternative scenarios help solve resource conflicts during the planning process. You will be able to immediately answer questions like:

  • How should we prioritize our projects?
  • What is the status of our projects?
  • Are there resource conflicts or bottlenecks?
  • Do we have enough capacity to complete all projects?
  • What happens if we add external capacity?

Answering these questions are very important since many projects require the same resources and skillsets, and resource conflicts can then be resolved during the planning process.

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