What the Meisterplan Team is Thankful For
What the Meisterplan Team is Thankful For

What the Meisterplan Team is Thankful for this Year

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As the Meisterplan team is baking up apple pies and brining turkeys in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday, we took some time to reflect on what we’re thankful for this year. 2020 proved to be an unprecedented year in many ways, but through it all, we still found plenty of things that made us feel grateful and downright lucky. We asked a few of our team members what they are grateful for both professionally and personally and here’s what they had to say.

Matthias Gidda, author for the Meisterplan blog

Matthias Gidda, Online Enablement Manager

“I’m grateful my team hasn’t suffered from severe cases of Coronavirus so far, and I appreciate that we still manage to help each other out despite all of the pandemic-caused limitations.”

“I’m thankful that some of my friends and family play online games because it’s a great way to stay in touch and talk to people during a lockdown.”

“I have to say that I am so thankful for the super duper awesome team I have at Meisterplan who have done an amazing job getting us through this crazy year. Even though we are all remote right now, we are still able to connect every single day and being able to interact with people has become more important than ever before.”

“Because this year has hindered many normal activities, it has given myself and the people in my bubble a chance to slow waaaaay down. And dare I say this is kind of nice. The family has dusted off old board games, pulled out the telescope for a little stargazing, and enjoyed long rambling conversations that go nowhere more than ever before.”

Rachelle Sanders

Rachelle Sanders, Digital Marketing Manager

Kasey Babcock, Customer Success Manager

“I am grateful for my new-found colleagues at Meisterplan who welcomed me to the team with open arms.  Entering the workforce in a time like this is less than ideal, but I have found an incredible professional support system and work environment here at Meisterplan. I look forward to expanding my professional knowledge, developing new skills and having fun at work!”

“I am grateful I can spend a traditional Thanksgiving with my close family this year. Last year, I celebrated Thanksgiving during a study abroad program alongside students from all over the world. While it was an incredible experience, nothing quite beats my grandma’s lemon meringue pie and homemade gravy.”

“One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about working remotely this year is having my dog by my side as I work. I have a sofa in my home office where she keeps me company all day and only occasionally interrupts meetings with her loud snoring.”

“I have spent more time outdoors this year than I have in a long time. I am so grateful that I’ve gotten to enjoy mother nature and put some miles on my running shoes.”

Emma Hanes

Emma Hanes, Content Development Manager

Christoph Hirnle, author for the Meisterplan blog

Christoph Hirnle, CEO

“I want to thank everyone at the company for making such a huge effort to stay connected across geographies. Covid has taught all of us what working remotely means, and we now all make a deliberate effort to stay in touch, listen, and keep up the personal ties we have built alongside our professional relationships.”

“I’m grateful for all of my colleagues. Our awesome teams have made remote working look easy across large distances and many time zones. Having spent so much time at home this year, it is nice to see their smiling faces even through webcams.”

“I’m also thankful for my family and the new ways we find to make staying at home a little more fun. We’ve tried new recipes, played more games, made silly videos and are now pros at “Try not to laugh” challenges!”

Karoline Holicky, author for the Meisterplan blog

Karoline Holicky, Marketing Director

Stephen Bury

Stephen Bury, Senior Director, Marketing

“I started with Meisterplan in March of 2020, days before the stay-at-home order was given in Washington State. Since then, my interaction with my local Seattle-based team, as well as teams in Houston and Germany, has been 100% virtual. Even in that case, I am so thankful for the warm welcome everyone across regions, time zones, languages, and cultures has shown me. Beyond the onboarding period, the ongoing collaboration, openness, and passion displayed by Meisterplanners in trying to not only sustain and grow our business but genuinely care for the experience we deliver to our customers has been remarkable.”

“Personally, I will look back and certainly remember 2020 for a host of reasons that cover the spectrum of emotion. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend more focused time with my family, cutting out almost two hours of commuting time. I miss seeing my kids engage and compete and flourish outside the home, but feel they will learn and grow from this experience in other ways. Lastly, I am hopeful for a brighter, safer, more prosperous 2021. Please pass the stuffing!”

“This year I am thankful for the opportunity to work with people who I admire and enjoy. This year has brought many challenges and it has been incredibly helpful to be able to share those experiences with customers and colleagues who care for and support each other in the way that ours do.”

“I am also thankful for the health and security of our family, friends, and community. Not everyone has that and this year is a stark reminder to never take things for granted. I am hopeful that we can extend that health and security to everyone who needs it.”

Brian Hintz

Brian Hintz, General Manager, Americas & Asia Pacific

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