Emma Hanes

Emma Hanes

Emma Hanes is an Ohio native happy to call Houston her home. As a Content Development Manager, Emma works to answer customer questions through informative content. She is happiest when writing blogs or white papers that are helpful to businesses and the people who manage project portfolios. In her spare time, you can find her at the dog park with her rescue dog, Booray.

Define a Project

How to Define a Project and Balance It With Run the Business

The difference between work that is a project versus work that is Run the Business (RTB) might seem small, but the implications can be huge.

5 min read
PMO Complexity

5 Ways PMOs Can Help Reduce Complexity in Your Organization

Some complexity in an organization is good (and necessary), but to keep complexity under control, try these five ways to reduce complexity.

4 min read
Building Visibility in Project Plans

How to Improve the Visibility of Your Project Plans

Building project plan visibility can seem difficult, but we’ve got a few recommendations to help improve the visibility of your project plans.

4 min read
The Power of Project Strategy Alignment

The Power of Aligning Projects to Strategy

There’s one crucial question you should ask yourself about every project you commit to: Why are we doing this project?

6 min read
Empower People in Your Organization

Power to the People: How to Empower Your Employees

Here’s how the “people as a resource” mindset can plague your organization and what you can do to empower employees.

5 min read

Why Disruption is Good for Your Business

We’ve all experienced disruption this past year. Here’s why disruption is actually good for your business and how it will help your company continue to grow in the future.

4 min read
Project Intake Process Webinar

Implementing a Successful Project Intake Process: A Recap From Our Webinar

We'd like to thank everyone for our attending our recent webinar, "How to Collect New Project Ideas and Turn Them into Successful Projects." Here are the questions asked by attendees during the webinar.

3 min read
Use Meisterplan's Board View to make strategic decisions

Managing and Developing New Project Initiatives with Meisterplan

Meisterplan’s new Board view was designed to tackle the hurdle of managing and developing new project ideas in seven easy steps.

6 min read
Allocation Heatmap for Resource Planning

Allocation Heatmaps for Capacity Planning

Meisterplan's allocation heatmap report visualizes over and underallocations so you can better utilize resources and optimize your planning.

4 min read
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