Portfolio-Level Resource Management Software​

Portfolio-Level Resource Management Software​

Whether your work is traditional, agile or hybrid, Meisterplan helps portfolio and resource managers manage people across teams and initiatives.

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Project and Portfolio Management

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Managing people on a portfolio level is the most complex and critical business challenge facing organizations today.

Meisterplan helps you put the right people together to work on the right things at the right time.

Meisterplan Capacity Planning
Focus on​ Employees​

Realistic and long-term resource planning of your employees, experts and roles.​


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Meisterplan Portfolio Visualizations
Build Effective Portfolios

All relevant factors for resource and portfolio planning in an interactive view.​

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Higher adoption rate vs. standard PPM software

Meisterplan is your Valued Business Partner
Realize Value​ Faster​

Quickest to implement, easiest to use, and can scale with your business.


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Your People Are the Heart of Your Portfolio​

Make the most of your employees with Meisterplan – with the right team for every project.

Plan Realistically for Much Happier Employees​

Plan the deployment of your resources across silos. Form project teams that have the capacity and skills for your projects. Plan your long-term capabilities to move forward confidently.​

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Meisterplan Resource Management

The Right People on the Right Projects at the Right Time​

Ensure transparency about the priorities and decisions in your organization. Create alignment so that everyone pulls together.​

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Work the Way You Work Best​

Synchronize the relevant portfolio and employee data from the tools you already work with.​

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Confidently Create Outcome-Oriented Portfolios

Move your organization closer to its goal with every portfolio decision.​

One Dashboard for Your Entire Portfolio

Orchestrate project portfolio elements and visualize how changes to projects and resources impact the entire portfolio. Confidently make informed decisions on your portfolio and solve problems with a real-time view. ​

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Meisterplan Project Portfolio Management features

The Features You Need for Effective PPM

Meisterplan has the right features for a PMO leader or portfolio manager including real-time analysis, scenario planning, and project prioritization.

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How Effective Is Your PPM?

Find out your PPM maturity and get personalized recommendations on how to improve with our new PPM maturity assessment.

Your Success Is Our Mission​

Shorten the path to achieving results and improving organizational effectiveness.​

Utilize Our Knowledge ​and Expertise​

Through ten years of implementations, our team knows how to make project portfolio management and resource planning successful. Our experts can customize the solution to fit your needs and quickly deliver business value.

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Enterprise-Ready with Meisterplan

Built to Support You Today, and Help You Grow Tomorrow​

Our enterprise-ready solution is one of the quickest to implement, easiest to use, and can scale with your business.

It’s just better when you’re with us!

Without Meisterplan

Lack of Transparency
A lot of data doesn’t mean you see what you need.

Siloed Initiatives
Organizational silos create a lack of alignment on priorities.

Project Paralysis
An inability to adapt quickly to short-term changes or opportunities.

Communication Breakdown
Upper-Management still cannot see the value that your project portfolio creates.

With Meisterplan

Improved Visibility
Clear insight into which employees with the right skills are available for a project.

Top to Bottom Alignment
Surfacing and resolving conflicts for true alignment across the organization.

Increased Adaptability
Scenario planning to easily adapt to external and internal changes.

Your Sponsors are Happy!
Leadership is provided with a comprehensive view of strategic project plans.

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