Resource Management

Are People Resources?
Are People Resources? – Why Do We Call Employees Resources?

What exactly does it mean to call people resources? We break down why the term is used and when it's appropriate to call people resources.

6 Ways to Be a Successful Resource Manager
6 Ways to Be a Successful Resource Manager

Resource management and project portfolio management work best when they work together. Learn how you can help ensure success as a resource manager.

Resource Management Basics
What is Resource Management?

While resource management may seem like a daunting or unfamiliar task, knowing the basics can help you get started and reap its benefits.

Actual Time Worked
Where Do We Spend Our Time and Why It Matters

Do you know where project teams spend their time? Maybe you have a general idea, but understanding exactly what work is being done in your organization is crucial for success.

Allocation Heatmap for Resource Planning
Allocation Heatmaps for Capacity Planning

Meisterplan's allocation heatmap report visualizes over and underallocations so you can better utilize resources and optimize your planning.

Tactical Resource Management
Is There a Formula for Resource Planning?

How much capacity do your employees actually have for project work? Learn how to accurately plan projects with a resource planning formula.

The Changing Makeup of Teams
The Changing Makeup of Teams

The makeup of teams is always in flux and one recent trend has risen above the rest to change the composition of teams. We’re talking about the Subject Matter Expert.

Adapt Your Project Portfolio
Adapting Your Portfolio to the Changing Way of Work

As the world continues to fight COVID-19, millions of people are settling into a new normal for the way they work. Changing the way people work during the COVID-19 crisis has created a confusing landscape for projects. This article will help companies identify ways to adapt their project portfolios to accommodate for these changes.

Better Resource Management
5 Secrets for Better Resource Management

For many organizations, resource management is a crucial component of seeing projects completed. But it takes more than a list of employees and projects for resource management to come to life. Like most things, you will get as much out of resource management as you put in. If you’ve got the resource management basics down and want to see what you can do to take it the next level, follow these five tips for even better resource management.