5 Secrets for Better Resource Management

For many organizations, resource management is a crucial component of seeing projects completed. But it takes more than a list of employees and projects for resource management to come to life. Like most things, you will get as much out of resource management as you put in. If you’ve got the resource management basics down and want to see what you can do to take it the next level, follow these five tips for even better resource management.

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Resource Management Basics

You probably don’t realize it, but you have been doing resource management all your life. From deciding which shoes to pack in a small suitcase for vacation or what food to cook to feed guests at a large party, resource management is a regular activity. Despite its commonality in our lives, resource management in a professional capacity can be much more complicated. While managing human resources may seem like a daunting or unfamiliar task, knowing the basics can help you get started and reap its benefits.

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Applying Agile Principles as a Guide for Agile Resource Management

The Agile method has a dominating force in the project management world. What started as a method for developers is now being used by all types of professionals in many industries. Although the Agile method has proven to be extremely effective for many teams, it has posed a significant problem for resource management. When traditional project management is replaced by things such as Scrum and Kanban, how do you adjust your resource management to fit the new demands of the Agile method?

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Surviving Volatility in the Oil and Gas Industry with Plans That Work

The oil and gas industry has always been subject to upturns and downturns, but the last few years have seen dramatic changes to the industry’s landscape. The cycle of boom and bust is less like a predictable pattern and more like riding a rollercoaster blindfolded. Here's how you can not only survive the volatility, but thrive in a dynamic landscape.

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Jira Resource Management with Meisterplan

Let's face it, the relationship between agile teams and management is often difficult. You speak different languages, and you need different information to make decisions. As a PMO, Stefan Schneider is a daily translator and mediator. In this post, he talks about using Lean PPM, Meisterplan and our new Jira integration that we call the Jira Link.

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