Surviving Volatility in the Oil and Gas Industry with Plans That Work

The oil and gas industry has always been subject to upturns and downturns, but the last few years have seen dramatic changes to the industry’s landscape. The cycle of boom and bust is less like a predictable pattern and more like riding a rollercoaster blindfolded. Here's how you can not only survive the volatility, but thrive in a dynamic landscape.

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Jira Resource Management with Meisterplan

Let's face it, the relationship between agile teams and management is often difficult. You speak different languages, and you need different information to make decisions. As a PMO, Stefan Schneider is a daily translator and mediator. In this post, he talks about using Lean PPM, Meisterplan and our new Jira integration that we call the Jira Link.

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Improve Employee Utilization to Increase Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Simply adding more employees to a project team doesn't mean the project will be completed better or faster. Instead, completing the project sooner depends on how the tasks are assigned, how well the team works together, and how skilled and knowledgeable the team members are on the topic. Learn ways to improve employee utilization!

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6 Ways to Be a Successful Resource Manager

Successful project portfolio management is impossible without resource management. The optimal resource manager has multiple skills in organization, multitasking, negotiation, communication, change management and compromise. But despite these skills, there are challenges that make it extremely difficult for resource managers to make confident well-informed decisions that will actually work. So what does a resource manager need to know and do in order to be successful?

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