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Case Study: How RIMOWA Built a Global IT Roadmap With Meisterplan

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The Enterprise


RIMOWA is a global leader in premium luggage. Since 1898, it has placed quality and innovation at its core to create functional tools for a lifetime of movement.

In 1937, RIMOWA introduced aviation-inspired aluminium into the manufacture of its suitcases, an idea that revolutionised the industry and resulted in their iconic grooved aluminium design.

In 2000, it pioneered again with the debut of the first polycarbonate suitcase.

In 2017, RIMOWA joined LVMH; three years later, it launched Never Still, a collection of bags for daily use that heralded its evolution into a cult mobility brand. RIMOWA combines a legacy of craftsmanship with the rigours of modern technology

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The Challenges

How to Manage a IT Project Roadmap Across Multiple Business Functions?

  • RIMOWA’s goal was to ensure all IT functions and their cross-departmental initiatives were represented in the project portfolio.
  • A joint view of all initiatives across relevant business functions was needed to best support project portfolio decision-making.
  • To adapt quickly to a fluctuating business context and better facilitate informed decision making, RIMOWA needed to implement agility in their project portfolio management.
  • IT resource bottlenecks needed to be discussed, supported by real data to ensure RIMOWA could make the best decisions (for example, project rescheduling, additional support from other teams or project re-prioritization).
Meisterplan Strategic Roadmap View
The Meisterplan solution has been key to the development of our IT Project Roadmap and for easy change management. Today we are able to focus our energy on making the right decisions, instead of collecting and assessing information for new initiatives.

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Simon Carayol

The Solution

Build a Prioritized IT Project Roadmap
and Execute It with the Right Resources at the Right Time

RIMOWA jointly developed the global IT project roadmap together with all business areas and with the support of consultants from Noveane and Meisterplan. Now, they have a solid basis for decision-making.

  • There is now one global IT project roadmap for all stakeholders.
  • New initiatives are regularly maintained and evaluated in Meisterplan all year long.
  • It is now easy to demonstrate the business impact of new initiatives as well as changes to the roadmap.
  • Decision boards meet regularly to jointly decide on project priorities and quickly adapt to changes.
  • Project priorities are objectively discussed based on a defined set of criteria. The highest priority projects are assigned with the necessary financial and human resources.
  • Meisterplan provides the solid and transparent database and what-if scenarios necessary for successful and fast decision-making during the annual strategic budgeting exercise.
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