Meisterplan Strategic Roadmap View

Get the Roadmap You Need

See your long-term strategic roadmap in a single view with Meisterplan

A New Way to See Your Strategy in a Roadmap

Do our projects reflect the strategy? Are we investing in the right projects? Can we deliver as promised? Get the answers you need when you need them with Meisterplan’s Roadmap.

An Easy Roadmap for Complex Portfolios

Meisterplan makes it easy to align your projects to your company’s strategic goals with a roadmap that accelerates the implementation of the highest priorities. With a Roadmap in Meisterplan, you can:

  • Adjust the zoom level to view both short and long-term planning
  • Expand goals to see more detail on the projects aligned to each goal
  • Edit or change projects with just a few clicks
  • Group projects in the Roadmap by other characteristics such as Status, Manager or Risk among others
Roadmap View Stage Gates with Meisterplan
Capacity planning with Meisterplan

Meisterplan – More than a Roadmap

Meisterplan is a complete solution for project portfolio and resource management. With Meisterplan, you can easily manage your project pipeline and stage gate processes from project initiation through to completion.

  • Create a master portfolio and sub-portfolios
  • Track delivery and milestone timelines for each project
  • Get quick answers to what-if questions through scenario planning
  • Understand an accurate overview of employee skills, availability and capacity
  • Allocate staff by role, by skill or by individual to suit your planning needs
Dennis Riedel

Meisterplan offers us so much more than just a tool. We benefit a lot from the Lean PPM™ framework and the best practices we can implement for our needs. Give it a try!

PMO (Central Unit Sales & Services) | TRUMPF | open_in_new

Dennis Riedel

Brittany Jonaitis

The biggest value that Meisterplan gives us is the ability to communicate across the enterprise what’s being worked on. It adds transparency as to why things are stacked ranked, and it holds people accountable to decisions that were made. This has resulted in more projects being completed on time, and more projects being aligned to a strategy, because they were accurately prioritized.

Senior Business Technology Leader, Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP)

Brittany Leigh Jonaitis

With Meisterplan we were productive in just a few hours without extensive training. It offers the chance to use our own project management method which makes it quite simple to roll out. And it's well done for project portfolio management. Project Portfolio Management and Project Management Processes become simple and fast.

Owner | Explorers | open_in_new

Frank Goermar

This tool gives us the invaluable insight we need to make important decisions about when to start projects and when to hire. It can help you align your hiring needs with your sales pipeline. It's the only tool in its class that provides capacity planning and projections to coordinate hiring and sales leads.

Founding Partner | Media Hive | open_in_new

Thomas McGee

Powerful yet easy to use. For a long time I was looking for the right tool to support a method called "project management by autonomous systems". I found Meisterplan to be the exact counterpart to show the huge amount of projects going on and to prioritize according to company and IT strategies.

Professional in the IT Industry

Dieter Wichland

Upon completing a POC with real data, this was the only tool for Portfolio Planning (PPM) that was consumable by my partners within the organization, and enabled this functionality for the first time. The GUI allowed it to "actually stick". It was essentially turn-key and customer support was of the highest quality.

Professional in the Computer Software Industry

Erich Kissel

Excellent solution. We used Meisterplan to clarify our efforts and values in all planned project. By using Meisterplan we could prioritize the most valuable projects and focus our resources on that. By doing that Meisterplan saved us lots of time. It is very easy to use, integration of Excel projects fast and simple, outstanding personal support.

Michael Eisemann