Meisterplan Guided Product Tour

Product Tour

Take a 5-minute guided tour of Meisterplan to see how our Lean Project Portfolio Management™ software tackles common PPM and capacity planning challenges.

Meisterplan’s Lean PPM™ solution allows you to:


Successfully Implement Your PMO
Create a prioritized and realistic project portfolio that aligns with your organization’s most important goals. Use the transparency of project data and real-time scenario planning to fuel alignment across teams and drive business outcomes.
Improve Capacity Planning

Priorities, projects and employee availability can change on a daily basis. Identify resource conflicts even before they occur and resolve them with a few clicks. With Meisterplan, you keep your resource planning under control.

Easily Access the Right Reports

Easily communicate and share your company’s strategic roadmap to get a clear picture of your portfolio’s roles and resources, capacities and allocations. Make the best decisions by analyzing your project and resource data from every angle.

Keep a Handle on Finances

Keep your budgets and finances under control across your entire project portfolio. An overview of budgets and financials allows you to keep your entire portfolio in line with the overall budget. Use scenario planning to see how project changes impact financial resources.

Integrate PPM Into Your Environment

With a lean approach to PPM, your teams work the way they work best using the methods and tools that work best for them. Our Lean PPM™ process will help you answer two simple questions: Which projects should we be doing, when? And who will be working on them?

What Nina Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan allows me to have a more productive conversation when determining the highest priority projects and also see the overall impact to the portfolio.

Program Manager | New Balance | open_in_new

Nina McLaughlin

What Dan Loves About Meisterplan

One of our problems was being able to show everybody our portfolio plan. Now we see all our projects we would talk about, graphically depicted. You can see their durations and when you scroll down, you can see the team. Maybe these two projects are significant and they're taking two resources each for this period of time. We can now see how much room is in the capacity bucket that we have left to fill. From here we can look at our options. Using Meisterplan to do that helps us show our work and provide transparency.

Director of Strategic Programs | Ping Identity | open_in_new

Dan Madden

What Jay Loves About Meisterplan

There are a lot of things that go into a project plan besides the timing and resources. We need a lot of context and it shouldn't be a surprise when a project needs attention. Our projects need to tie back to our mission and what we want to achieve. With Meisterplan, we can make informed decisions and move the organization forward.

IT PMO and New Services Manager | CaroMont Health | open_in_new

Jay Nutter