Templates For Effective Lean Project Portfolio Management™

Roles, Responsibilities and Meetings in Lean PPM™

PPM in a Nutshell

Are you looking for a summary of the most important aspects of Lean Project Portfolio Management™? Here you will find templates and guides for:

  • Lean PPM™ Roles and Responsibilities (Download)

  • Lean PPM™ Meetings and Participants (Download)

  • Process Flow of Lean PPM™ (Download)

  • Technical Guide to Achieve Lean PPM™ (Download)

Lean Project Portfolio Management™ Templates: Roles and Responsibilities

In Lean Project Portfolio Management™, it’s important that a sensible division of labor is established through clearly defined responsibilities. Use the following roles in your organization to create a working Lean PPM™ framework.

PPM RolePPM ResponsibilityTypical Organizational Role
  • Brings in initiative
  • Captures initiative and details it out in the project proposal
  • Presents project proposal to Pipeline Review Committee (if required)
Management, Experts, Key Account Managers
Portfolio Coordinator
  • Responsible for company’s project portfolio or part thereof (e.g. for business unit or program)
  • Guides other roles through entire process
  • Translates strategy into project prioritization criteria
  • Supports Initiator during idea phase, e.g. facilitates resource requirement estimates
  • Creates portfolio suggestions
  • Prepares decision-making meetings (outside of execution phase)
Head of PMO, PMO Team Member, Business Unit Manager, Program Owner, IT Coordinator
Pipeline Review Committee Member
  • Review, evaluate and prioritize initiatives
Department Managers, Business Experts
Portfolio Board Member
  • Responsible for seeing strategy through to execution by using successful project portfolio management
  • Exerts control over active portfolio
  • Makes decisions regarding issues in active portfolio
  • Decides on the future project portfolio and the respective budgets
Senior Management
Project Lead
  • Reports project status
  • Reports resource requirements for project
  • Escalates project issues
  • Presents project to decision-making bodies (if required)
Trained Project Manager
Resource Manager
  • Ensures correct mapping of resources to roles & skills
  • Staffing: (re-)assigns resources to projects
  • Resolves day-to-day / tactical resource management issues
Team Lead
Team Member
  • Works on projects he is assigned to
Any employee
Execution Steering Member
  • Responsible for strategy execution through individual projects
  • Exerts control over active projects
  • Makes decisions regarding issues in active project
  • Resolves project management challenges
Department Managers, Senior Management
HR Manager
  • Develops roles and skills with business unit leaders
  • Defines with business unit leaders who has booking rights on which role
HR Assistant
  • Keeps record of employment up-to-date, including hire/termination date, departmental allocation, work schedule, and holidays
Strategy Manager
  • Works with Portfolio Coordinator to translate strategy into evaluation criteria (Strategy Workshop)

Lean Project Portfolio Management™ Templates: Meetings & Participants

The Lean PPM™ framework ensures overall project portfolio coordination efforts are in fact lean in nature. With that in mind, it’s important to only set up the truly necessary meetings and make sure they are efficiently conducted through good preparation. 

Meeting & ParticipantsInputOutputActivitiesProposed Frequency
Proposal Coaching
  • Initiator
  • Portfolio Coordinator
  • Ideas, demands, opportunities
  • Quality assured new initiative
  • Initiator explains their idea in detail
  • Portfolio Coordinator gives feedback and assists Initiator in developing initiative
Pipeline Review Committee
  • Pipeline Review Committee Member
  • Portfolio Coordinator
  • Initiator (if needed)
  • Quality assured new initiatives
  • Ranked list of initiatives
  • Committee reviews and ranks initiatives in light of current strategic goals
At least Monthly
Portfolio Board
  • Portfolio Board Member
  • Portfolio Coordinator
  • Project Lead (if needed)
  • Current portfolio status
  • Proposed portfolio going forward
  • Project Portfolio going forward
  • Portfolio Coordinator presents the suggested portfolio going forward, including the status of ongoing projects and new initiatives
  • Portfolio Board requests changes during meeting (priorities, timing, budget, key resources)
  • Portfolio Board decides on the future portfolio and the respective budgets
  • If required due to boardroom changes, Portfolio Coordinator makes effects of change requests apparent
Monthly to Quarterly
Resource Conflict Resolution
  • Project Leads
  • Resource Managers
  • Portfolio Coordinator (if needed)
  • Day-to-day resource management issues
  • Day-to-day resource challenges resolved
  • Designs and discusses working solutions for resource conflicts
  • Unresolved issues are escalated to the Execution Steering
Execution Steering
  • Execution Steering Members
  • Project Lead
  • Project status report
  • Issues escalated by project lead
  • Unresolved issues from Tactical Resource Conflict Resolution meeting
  • Solved problems
  • Further measures
  • Reviews project status
  • Solves problems by changing scope or shifting resources within the project
Strategy Workshop
  • Strategy Manager
  • Portfolio Coordinator
  • Company strategy
  • Catalogue of project prioritization criteria
  • Discusses strategy
  • Derives project prioritization criteria
  • Determines weighting of project prioritization criteria
Every 6-12 Months

Lean Project Portfolio Management™ Templates: Snapshot of the Framework

Need a visual to better understand how all the required meetings within each stage of Lean PPM™ interact? The graphic below helps to visually bring it all together.

The project portfolio management meetings overview template

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