Meisterplan for the Energy Industry

Flexible Resource Management

Quickly adapt to change, easily optimize resources and reprioritize projects

The World’s Most Effective Companies Rely on Meisterplan

Overcoming Uncertainty with Meisterplan

The energy industry and particularly the oil and gas industry is much more project intense than other industries. As the market fluctuates, energy companies have to adapt by canceling projects that have already been started, delaying projects in the pipeline, or launching new projects. However, changing with the market can be incredibly difficult for companies without the proper tools. Meisterplan is a project management and resource management tool that allows energy companies to quickly respond to changing markets.

Meisterplan gives decision-makers a clear overview of project costs, employee workloads, project dependencies and potential staffing bottlenecks. In a single view, users can see all of the project information they need to make strategic decisions. Meisterplan also offers real-time scenario planning that allows users to best plan for changes in the market and understand what reactions will be needed to keep up. You can avoid project delays, finish projects on time, and know when you need to start increasing your workforce to meet demand.

These benefits have allowed Nordex, a pioneer in wind energy, to easily make strategic decisions about which projects should be carried out based on priority, cost, and alignment to the company’s focus. With Meisterplan, Nordex can quickly answer two important questions: (1) Where are the portfolio constraints? and (2) how can we resolve them?

To learn more about how Nordex leverages Meiserplan to overcome volatility, read our case study.

Nordex Meisterplan Case Study Cover

How Meisterplan Supports the Energy Industry

Keep up with industry changes by mastering adaptability and quickly updating your plans.

  • See project requirements in man-hours
  • Assign people to projects based on role, skill, or by individuals
  • Incorporate contractor man-hours in overall resource availability
  • Simulate scheduling to immediately see the impact on resource utilization
  • Monitor the financial impact of changing plans
  • Use realtime scenario planning to evaluate the effects on your projects
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