Resource Planning at Trafag with Meisterplan and Smartsheet

The Challenge

As a leading supplier of high quality sensors and controls with a broad network of subsidiaries and representatives in over 40 countries worldwide, it is very important to Trafag that they provide high quality, high precision products with the best customer service possible. The high performance of their production and development departments allows them to not only reliably deliver those precision products, but also to develop and implement tailor-made customizations to meet the specifi c needs of their OEM clients, and to do so quickly.

Quote from Marzio Locatelli from Trafag about Meisterplan

To maintain those high standards – across 6 different product lines and 25+ development projects per year – requires a clever project portfolio consisting of the right balance of platform development, product development and production engineering projects. On top of that the portfolio must be aligned with the company’s signifi cant Meisterplan & Smartsheet – the Perfect Combination growth and technology strategy so that they can make sure that their R&D department can deliver on its promises. Trafag’s previous planning process was very tedious and lacked the transparency and flexible resource management that was needed to gain quick answers to their “what-if” questions. Trafag decided that they needed to find a lean, cloud solution that was fast and easy to implement…

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Want to find out how Trafag solved their portfolio planning challenge? Click here to download the entire case study and learn how they found the perfect combination of project management and strategic PPM with Meisterplan and Smartsheet.


Meisterplan PPM for Project Success

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