Project Portfolio Success
Project Portfolio Success

How Celebrating Your Successes Can Lead to Better Strategy Execution Next Year

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There is no question that this is a busy time of year. For businesses, this time of year entails wrapping up projects, making plans for the new year, and tying up any loose ends. It’s easy to get swept up in the hustle and forget to celebrate the successes you and your company experienced this year. Even if this year had many hardships or if you missed many of the goals you wanted to accomplish, it is incredibly important for companies to set aside time to recognize all successes (big or small) before launching into the new year. We’re not just talking popping a bottle of champagne or patting your employees on the back either. We mean a thorough and genuine appreciation for what was accomplished in the past twelve months. Very few people prioritize celebrating their successes, but when you take the time to do this, you can actually help foster the culture needed to deliver more projects.

Why Celebrate Your Successes?

Celebrating your successes can have a tremendous impact throughout your company. Most leaders understand that inspiring employees is part of their job, and this is true, but celebrating your successes is about a people-first mindset. Employees that are happy and feel appreciated will continue to work hard for your company. When you take the time to recognize their hard work, you continue to strengthen their sense of appreciation. Additionally, recognizing success also empowers employees. Your workers want to make a difference in the company. If they know you will appreciate their effort, it will empower them to take more ownership and responsibility not just in their projects, but in executing the overall company strategy.

Strategy Execution

It is absolutely essential for your employees to take ownership of executing your strategy, because no matter how many tools or automated processes you use, humans are still at the heart of your business. Motivated and empowered employees are the link between the strategy your organization has developed and making that strategy a reality. To create a culture where your employees are motivated and empowered, you start by celebrating them.

How To Celebrate Your Successes

We’re not here to tell you how to throw a party or what end of year bonus to give your employees. You can decide that for yourself. But to create a winning culture, you need to go the extra mile when celebrating successes. Here are four tips to incorporate in celebrating your successes that can build a winning culture:

1. Be Generous in Your Praise

This seems obvious, but what we really mean is take the time to consider your successes fully. Don’t just celebrate a completed project, celebrate the unexpected hurdles that came up along the way that your team successfully overcame. Make sure this praise is not just directed at the project manager or lead, but the whole team. Every employee needs to know their work was recognized.

2. Don’t Leave Anything Out

There’s no question that some successes are bigger than others, but that doesn’t matter. When celebrating your successes, don’t be greedy, celebrate every one! This helps let employees know that every part of their work is appreciated. Some of your employees might contribute to successes in an indirect way, but this doesn’t mean their work is any less important.

3. Let Everyone See Your Praise

It’s great when we receive praise for our hard work but take it to the next level by publicly displaying this praise. This is not only extremely satisfying for the one receiving the praise, but it also indicates to anyone observing that your company values employees who reach goals and overcome challenges.

4. Give Your Employees the Opportunity to Share Their Successes

People like talking about their successes. Ask your employees to share their experience with others in the company, and not just other members of their team or department. Your employees are proud of their successes and would likely relish the opportunity to show others.

Go Forth and Celebrate!

Brightline Initiative

The best way to start off the new year is to finish this one up right. You and your employees have worked hard, so take some time to put your feet up and celebrate. But don’t just celebrate your successes this year because you deserve it, celebrate because it’s a crucial component of creating a culture of strategy execution.

A culture of strategy execution is the first step in delivering projects. Organizations will also need a tool and framework to turn strategy into reality. With our Lean Project Portfolio Management™ framework and our powerful software, you can start finishing projects, so you have even more successes to celebrate next year. To learn more, start a free 30 day trial of Meisterplan.

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