Project Prioritization
Project Prioritization

Prioritize Your Projects with the Meisterplan Project Score Feature

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Oftentimes project portfolios are filled with numerous projects that all have top priority. This makes it impossible to get project completed on time. In reality, it’s not possible to implement all projects at once because you simply don’t have the resources. Projects must be prioritized in order to get them done. But what projects are the most important, what is a must-have and what is only a nice-to-have? It can be hard to assign these categories to your projects, which is why we created the project score.

Project Scoring in Meisterplan

With the project score feature in Meisterplan, it’s easier than ever to design a portfolio where the most important projects are completed first. You can now sort the entire project list by the projects’ scores. With just a few clicks, new projects can be moved to the spot that corresponds to their project scores. Determining the criteria for project prioritization is easy. You can use preset criteria or add your own criteria to fit your needs.

To see project scoring in action, watch our tutorial video below:

Quick and Easy Configuration

The project portfolio experts at Meisterplan understand the difficulties people face when managing multiple projects in a portfolio. We’ve designed Meisterplan with these difficulties in mind. To learn more about how our project portfolio management tool can help you organize your portfolio, prioritize your most important projects, and complete projects on time, sign up for a free 30 day trial or schedule a demo with one of our Meisterplanners.

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