Prioritize Your Projects with the New Project Score Feature

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In a project portfolio, you often have many projects that all seem to be the top priority and you can’t get them completed fast enough. In reality, it’s not possible to implement all projects because you simply do not have enough employees or competencies or money. Projects must be prioritized. But what is the most important, what is a must-have and what is only a nice-to-have? The project score answers this question.

The New Project Score Feature

With the new project score feature in Meisterplan, it’s easier than ever to design a portfolio where the most important projects are completed first. You can now sort the entire project list by the projects’ scores. With just a few clicks, new projects can be moved to the spot that corresponds to their project scores.

Watch our tutorial video to see the new feature in action:

Easy Configuration

To individually configure scoring criteria, you simply define the score values for each criterion, so strategy changes are always immediately reflected in Meisterplan.

Still Searching for a Tool?

If you have not yet experienced how quick and convenient it is to prioritize your projects in Meisterplan, start your free trial or request a demo today!

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