Meisterplan at OilComm 2020
Meisterplan at OilComm 2020

Join Meisterplan at OilComm 2020

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The Meisterplan team is excited to sponsor the OilComm 2020 Conference. This is the second year Meisterplan has sponsored the event, which will be held virtually on October 13th – 15th. The event will feature leaders in the oil and gas industry who can provide valuable insight into what the industry can do during challenging times to continue to grow.

What is OilComm?

The OilComm Conference & Exposition is designed for technology professionals and leads the charge in connecting the oil and gas community with next-generation technologies. The event will bring together professionals within digital technology departments and who are responsible for communications, operations, optimization, automation, IT/OT, data, digitization, edge-computing, cloud services, VR/AR, machine-to-machine learning, and more. This year, the event’s community slogan is “Fueling the Digital Revolution” which has driven the selection of topics and sessions for attendees. OilComm’s Advisory Board built this year’s conference to help companies innovate, focusing on sharing lessons learned, original ideas & perspectives, and short-term investments that lead to long-term gains. This will help companies navigate current market conditions and transform operations so they can continue to thrive. To learn more about OilComm 2020 or to register for the event, click here.

Meisterplan Helps Oil & Gas Companies Prepare for What’s Next

Capacity planning with Meisterplan

The oil and gas industry is constantly in flux. The boom and bust cycles in the industry have both created and destroyed companies, but this doesn’t mean companies can’t experience long-term, continual growth. With better transparency into projects and resources, real-time answers to “what-if” questions and the ability to quickly adapt to changes, oil and gas companies can succeed no matter what dynamic fluctuations the industry is experiencing.

Meisterplan helps oil and gas companies understand what they need to do to adapt to change and seize opportunities by providing a bird’s eye view of all projects and resources. With its strategic alignment features and visual roadmap, Meisterplan makes it easy to prioritize and optimize work with current teams and resources. Realtime scenario planning allows companies to determine how many additional resources are needed to complete new projects and what the impact would be across the organization. This transparency supports oil and gas companies in the face of change by allowing them to make better decisions.

See What Meisterplan Can Do for the Oil & Gas Industry

Leading oil and gas and energy companies rely on Meisterplan to solve complex resource conflicts, adapt their project portfolio to changing conditions and obtain the data necessary to make informed decisions about the future. To learn more about how Meisterplan supports the oil and gas industry, visit our Energy page.

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