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Annegret Widmer has ended her years-long love-hate relationship with Excel as a PPM and RM tool for an agency and now helps companies and organizations discover Meisterplan and best practices for resource planning and project portfolio management. When she’s not moving pixels or resources as marketing manager at Meisterplan, she’s moving game pieces across one board or another.

How to Get Your PMO Accepted by Your Company?

Project management offices often struggle to gain acceptance within the company shortly after they have been introduced. There are three phases from introduction to complete PMO acceptance. In this article, we explain what these three phases are, and how you can bring your PMO into the third phase of acceptance.

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How to Prioritize Projects in Meisterplan

In this How-To guide, you will learn how to prioritize your projects in Meisterplan. From the necessary prep work to ensuring new projects are ranked properly, we will show you step by step how Meisterplan helps with project prioritization.

Project Prioritization: Stop Working on the Wrong Projects!

Scarce resources and even scarcer resources. Your project portfolio simply cannot be effective without strategic project prioritization. But how do you prioritize projects that all seem to take priority? In this article, we present three possible prioritization methods: the ranking method, the scoring method, and the domain approach.

The Secret Recipe for Project Portfolio Management

You can now find our project portfolio management method on our website – no vault door, no password, no conditions. So it may not be a secret recipe anymore, but it is definitely still a manual for success when it comes to project portfolio management. This article is a quick run-through of our Lean PPM Method.

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