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Fulfill Commitments with Reliable Team Capacity Planning

A dedicated workspace for resource managers and team leads to see and manage your team's capacity.

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Will Your Plans Work If You Aren’t Sure about Your Teams’ Capacity?

Without up-to-date and reliable data on your team’s capacity and effort required, your people will be overallocated and your projects will be delayed, reducing job satisfaction and ultimately costing your company time and money.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Compact Mode – Your Team Capacity Overview

The compact mode offers an overview to quickly see your team’s total workload.

  • See which projects a person is working on and their individual project allocations
  • Allocate a resource or role to a specific project segment
  • Quickly identify capacity constraints
Meisterplan Team Planner: Compact Mode
Team Planner grid mode

Grid Mode – Detailed Capacity Planning

Use the grid mode as an intuitive capacity planning tool to see and edit the specific effort in a given time period per role or person.

  • View what work your people are allocated to and immediately see highlighted overallocations
  • Allocate a resource to an existing project directly in this mode
  • Staff roles by identifying available resources and distributing effort from the role to the available resources

Balance Your Commit­ments with Your Team’s Real Capacity

Ensure decision-makers can prioritize and fulfill commitments by sharing your team’s real capacity.

  • Make quick and easy updates to immediately see the impact on remaining capacity
  • Bring up-to-date capacity planning to portfolio management to make the right decisions
  • Keep people happy by committing to work they have the skills and capacity to achieve
Balance capacity and commitments
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