What Deadlines Can We Commit To?

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Overview of Commitments

Go from a single project plan to a multi-project plan and ensure that you consider all of your deadlines.

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One Single Database

Meisterplan is simpler and less tedious than spreadsheets, making it easy to collaborate.

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Real Capacity Data

See when people are available across teams. Simulate plan alternatives to resolve resource conflicts.

Know When Projects Can Be Completed

You know what needs to be done, but when can it be accomplished?

  • Set realistic goals and deadlines that you can commit to by looking at the big picture.
  • Plan multiple projects and clearly see the dependencies between them.
  • Make informed decisions on how to fit smaller orders into your plan while you continue to work on large orders.

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Plan with People in Mind

Which employees have the right skills and availability for your high-priority projects?

  • Know employees’ real availabilities, taking into account planned absences and run-the-business commitments.
  • Get transparency on individual skills so you can confidently choose the right people for specific projects.
  • Staff additional employees or adjust project timelines when you know there is not enough capacity available.

Trustworthy Data That Stays Up to Date

How do you keep up with information and changes from other people or teams?

  • Use features such as the change log, comments and notifications to communicate on updates and changes.
  • Import and access current data from other tools your teams use to manage their work.
  • Don’t worry about the details – planning with just rough data is enough.
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What Frank Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan enables us to plan ahead for our customer projects, quickly adjust as needed, report clearly to colleagues and customers and make binding commitments.

Head of Project Management & Support|sovanta AG|open_in_new

Frank Schwartz

What Dominik Loves About Meisterplan

With Meisterplan, we no longer have unnecessary discussions about whether problems, such as resource bottlenecks, really exist. Instead, we focus on working on the right things and solve problems proactively.

Strategy & Business Development|bmp greengas|open_in_new

Dominik Trisl

Claus Spruch - Excelitas Technologies

What Claus Loves About Meisterplan

Since rolling out Meisterplan, we’ve seen a drastic improvement in the visibility of our project development, in particular our resource capacity. Thanks to Meisterplan, we recognize quickly which resources are at or over capacity, where we have untapped potential, and also which projects may need to be adjusted.

Director Project Management|Excelitas Technologies Corp.|open_in_new

Claus Spruch

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