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Portfolio Simulation

Simulate plan alternatives to build portfolio plans that really work.

What-If Simulations

Get the interactive visualization you need to answer what-if questions
  • Use our interactive drag-and-drop functions to see changes and answer what-if questions in real-time
  • Visualize all active projects and adjust scheduling while respecting milestones & dependencies to other projects
  • Test the impact of conflict resolutions and make decisions on the right solution

Scenario Planning 

Use scenarios to build a balanced plan 
  • Create scenarios based on your current project portfolio without affecting the real plan
  • Get answers to your what-if questions
  • Simulate effects of plan alternatives to create a realistic portfolio plan  
Scenario Planning Screenshot

Portfolio Kanban Board

Make decisions on new initiatives
  • See details and check the quality and ranking of each new initiative
  • Compare active projects to new initiatives and interactively change the stage gates as the initiatives progress
  • Use the project score to focus on the strategic value of projects and decide the top priorities

Financial Tracking

Ensure your portfolio plan is on track financially
  • Enter your approved project and portfolio budgets
  • Record financial data including benefits, capital and operational expenses and other financial events
  • Compare your approved budgets to actual costs (coming soon)
Financial Report Screenshot
Roadmap Screenshot


Communicate your company roadmap
  • Share the long-term view of projects that have been approved
  • Align teams on the path forward
  • Offer project managers a clear roadmap of their own projects

Project Comments and Automatic Emails

Collaborate with colleagues on active projects
  • Ensure all colleagues are up to date on project information and status
  • Ask and answer project questions to avoid project disruptions
  • Automatic email notifications keep Project and Resource Managers informed about any changes to their projects
Portfolio Designer Comments Screenshot
Project List Screenshot

Project List

Display and edit project information in a straightforward list
  • See a quick overview of project details
  • Give project managers a simple list of their projects
  • Immediately see which projects have been marked critical for quick action

Next Comes Resource Planning

The next step is making sure you have the right people to get the job done at the right time. Resource Management is essential to the success of your portfolio management.

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What Måns Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan helps us deliver our projects on time, within the agreed budget, and in top quality.

Executive Producer | Important Looking Pirates | open_in_new

Måns Björklund

What Bredon Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan filled a significant gap for us in understanding how we are utilizing our capacity. We now have a much better idea when we need to either say no to new projects or adjust timelines and team members assigned to projects. No other tool gave us this high-level view. It brought our stress level down.

Vice President - Operations

Bredon J.

What Dan Loves About Meisterplan

One of our problems was being able to show everybody our portfolio plan. Now we see all our projects we would talk about, graphically depicted. You can see their durations and when you scroll down, you can see the team. Maybe these two projects are significant and they're taking two resources each for this period of time. We can now see how much room is in the capacity bucket that we have left to fill. From here we can look at our options. Using Meisterplan to do that helps us show our work and provide transparency.

Director of Strategic Programs | Ping Identity | open_in_new

Dan Madden

What Christopher Loves About Meisterplan

When you don’t have a resource management tool you end up putting work on people without knowing how loaded they are. That leads to health problems, such as stress. It leads to people working ridiculously long hours. The retention of your staff goes down. With Meisterplan, we can protect our people.

Head of PMO | Siemans Gamesa | open_in_new

Christopher Pearson

Portrait of Matthias Graf

What Matthias Loves About Meisterplan

itdesign has developed tremendously over the last 12 years: Today, no one can come close to what your team is doing.

Chief Project Portfolio & Resource Management | Flughafen München GmbH | open_in_new

Matthias Graf

Brittany Jonaitis

What Brittany Loves About Meisterplan

The biggest value that Meisterplan gives us is the ability to communicate across the enterprise what’s being worked on. It adds transparency as to why things are stacked ranked, and it holds people accountable to decisions that were made. This has resulted in more projects being completed on time, and more projects being aligned to a strategy, because they were accurately prioritized.

Senior Business Technology Leader, Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP)

Brittany Leigh Jonaitis

What Chris Loves About Meisterplan

Meisterplan is an excellent Resource Management tool. The visual interface makes the software intuitive to understand and use. I have found few other tools that can match its capabilities. Definitely love the scenario comparison function. It's pretty easy to get up and running, but you can get more complex as you get more comfortable.

Manager, RD Projects

Chris D.

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