Strict Adherence to Agile Is Actually Not Very Agile

“Agile” has been a buzzword for quite a while. Teams work Agile. Modern management is Agile. Using an Agile framework to reorganize classic production processes is a big initiative at a lot of companies these days. Somehow, everything is Agile – and, as always, when a trend reaches its peak, we have to ask ourselves: How much of this is hype and how much of it is substance?

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Improve Employee Utilization to Increase Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Simply adding more employees to a project team doesn't mean the project will be completed better or faster. Instead, completing the project sooner depends on how the tasks are assigned, how well the team works together, and how skilled and knowledgeable the team members are on the topic. Learn ways to improve employee utilization!

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Agile Is Wishful Thinking – Hybrid Is the Reality

The term "agile" is still a buzzword, but very few companies actually use agile project management 100% of the time. Traditional project management is still around, but we are seeing more and more companies turn to hybrid project management methods. In this blog post, we explain why using 100% agile project management methods is wishful thinking and why a hybrid method is the reality.

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Why a Lean PPM Tool Is the Smart Way of Increasing Legibility

People who are responsible for project planning want to be in the know. Luckily for them, data like the number of sales or employees has a high "legibility". However, overzealous planners using project portfolio management as an excuse to increase their organization's legibility could put the company at risk. In this post, Matthias Gidda argues for using a Lean PPM tool instead of these Swiss Army Knife types of software with their totalitarian vibe.

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Don’t Watch These Ted Talks If You’re a PMO Pro That Hates Change

Ted Talks are great when you are looking for inspiration and if you're not afraid of change. In this blog post, we list our five favorite Ted Talks for Project Management Office (PMO) professionals, which will inspire you to look at things from a different perspective, and possibly find changes that need to be made to your project teams or project planning.

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