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Hays AG: The Recruitment Specialists Who Rely on Meisterplan for Resource Management

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Hays AG

As a staffing and recruitment agency, Hays has supported companies by offering flexible solutions for their personnel needs and implementing successful personnel strategies for all industries and skill sets – for over 50 years, at over 30 different locations. Hays uses Meisterplan for (but not limited to) the following:

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IT Projects

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Business Projects

Daniel Adamski
Our Interviewee

Daniel Adamski has worked as a project manager on technical IT projects for 15 years. In 2020, shortly after Meisterplan was introduced, he joined Hays. Since then, he has been instrumental in ensuring that the software is used for approximately 300 resources.

In his role as Project Portfolio Manager in the Corporate Projects division, Adamski coordinates all strategically vital projects. He organizes these projects across multiple departments with Meisterplan.

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The Challenge

Deliver projects on time and within budget

  1. Too many projects in different divisions resulted in conflicts due to a lack of coordination of particularly important resources.
  2. The scope and duration of projects was ever-changing because the OKR method allows a lot of room for additional ideas.
  3. Management lacked a unified understanding of priorities and information about the required capacity, among other important parameters.
  4. This led to spontaneous jumping between topics, which meant important IT and business projects were left undone and had to be delayed.
The Main Goals

Make plans that work

  1. Build a predictable and practical project portfolio, with clear priorities and commitments
  2. Achieve transparency about the situation surrounding resources.
  3. Plan and weigh different scenarios in regard to various resources and costs.
The Solution

A regular, centralized exchange and preparation of information

1. The Software

Daniel Adamski succeeded with Meisterplan:

  • He obtained an overview of all of projects in one place.
  • He was able to establish a collective basis of discussion for all involved parties, particularly for management meetings.
  • He could prepare information in a comprehensible way, which let him set clear priorities.
2. The Exchange of Information

Daniel Adamski streamlined the workflow between himself and his colleagues:

  • Project and team managers can independently and regularly maintain their teams‘ data.
  • Daniel uses Meisterplan daily and stays up to date.
  • Monthly, all project managers meet and exchange information taken from Meisterplan.
3. The Current State

Now, Hays successfully:

  • Advances innovation in the company and completes important projects.
  • Builds an effective resource planning process.
  • Plans sustainably for the future, and is continuously able to adapt.
Daniel Adamski
I find the modern, user-friendly environment so impressive that I would definitely recommend giving Meisterplan a try. You can just tell that Meisterplan has a vision and is constantly evolving. Additionally, this combination of project transparency and resource management is a genuine USP.

Project Portfolio Manager|Hays AG|open_in_new

Daniel Adamski

The Implementation of Meisterplan

From Trial Stage to a Rollout for 300 Resources

Hays initially launched Meisterplan in a trial phase for 20 resources before a full roll-out. They wanted to be sure:

  • Can we collect all relevant information and see which projects are ongoing with Meisterplan?
  • Can we succeed in visually representing this information, and can we understand these visual representations?
  • Is Meisterplan able to work with multiple departments?
  • Does the reporting help us so that we are ready to approach upper management?

Shortly after the trial phase, Meisterplan was rolled out for 100 resources in the IT department, as it was clear that Meisterplan was the correct solution. Later, 200 resources were added to the backoffice department.

Daniel Adamski
When we first implemented Meisterplan, there were still sneering comments, such as‚ 'we‘ve tried it all before – for example in Excel.' But with Meisterplan, it all came together. Today, it is an integral part of our project planning.

Project Portfolio Manager|Hays AG|open_in_new

Daniel Adamski

Meisterplan Supports Hays with Knowledge of Best Practices

For the best possible results while working with Meisterplan

The Customer Success Team from Meisterplan has guided and supported Hays from the beginning in many ways:

  • Through regular meetings with a collective view of old and new goals.
  • Through best practice tips and ideas for everyday challenges, as well as those encountered in the software.
  • Through always being responsive to, and communicative about, pressing questions.
Daniel Adamski
I have often discussed best practice questions with the Customer Success Team. It is simply helpful to know how other people navigate the same sorts of problems, and what alternative solutions there are. I am very thankful for all of their guidance.

Project Portfolio Manager|Hays AG|open_in_new

Daniel Adamski

What Daniel Adamski Values the Most about Meisterplan

The correct information in the correct format

Daniel Adamski
It‘s clear that Meisterplan is is constantly improving – but with the Team Planner, they took a huge step forward. You simply set the time frame you want to work within, and then you can directly change the allocations in the view, as well as see the changes you made. That is fantastic.

Project Portfolio Manager|Hays AG|open_in_new

Daniel Adamski

Meisterplan Team Planner: Balance Commitments with Employees’ Real Capacity
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