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Help You Become a More Powerful PMO

Wait, what? Yes! Your favorite cloud software for project portfolio and resource management and our favorite PMO education platform PMO Strategies are now partnering. 

When you sign up for Meisterplan today via PMO Strategies you also get access to the IMPACT Engine program free of charge, all thanks to this special partnership. 

Already a Meisterplan user? Don’t worry: Existing Meisterplan customers are eligible for a discount for the IMPACT Engine program. Please speak to your Meisterplan account manager for more details.

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What Can IMPACT Engine Do Under Your Hood?

The IMPACT Engine by PMO Strategies is an all-in-one package meant to get even brand new PMOs thinking with an IMPACT mindset.

  • Lifetime access to the IMPACT Engine training program, offering a coaching platform available 24/7 where IMPACT “Drivers” can connect with coaches and peers
  • Monthly 90-minute coaching sessions
  • Access to PMO Strategies’ strategy delivery system
  • Set of comprehensive checklists, templates and tools that guide you through the roll-out of the strategy

3 Reasons You Can Rely on Meisterplan and the IMPACT Engine

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Have IMPACT, not just output.

All organizations are subject to short-term thinking. Through this partnership, make sure those short-term needs align with your long-term goals.

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Keep those wheels turning.

With Meisterplan + IMPACT Engine, you not only have the right tool for the job, but also a like-minded group to help you make the most of it.

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Access it all online, all the time.

Cloud software meets online program meets online coaching. No long seminars or unneeded trips — reap the rewards when you need them.

Meisterplan Helps You Become the PMO You Always Wanted on Your Side

Meisterplan is a PPM software you’re bound to love. Designed for flexibility, Meisterplan is trusted by professionals across industries for their portfolio and resource management needs.

  • Never drop the ball on clients or stakeholders again thanks to an interactive project portfolio overview
  • Focus on the right work while keeping your employees occupied but not overwhelmed thanks to transparent capacity and easy resource conflict resolution
  • Flexible data import options help you make an impact by leveraging what you need while leaving the unnecessary data where it is
  • Keep stakeholders updated how they want to be with easily customizable reports

Learn About Our Use Cases

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Make Sure Your Success Doesn’t Sputter to a Stop with the IMPACT Engine System

The IMPACT Engine by PMO Strategies is a leading online training program for PMOs that go for impact instead of output. Join this community to get your PMO in gear:

  • Get your step-by-step guide to becoming a high IMPACT PMO for your organization without the uncertainty that comes from constantly having to look over your shoulder
  • Generate fast results your most important stakeholders and heads will love
  • Elevate your role and team through thoughtful decision-making
  • Build a support network in your organization that serves more than just one team

The IMPACT Engine

A Complimentary Combination to Keep Those Quick Wins Rolling

With Meisterplan + IMPACT Engine, you make sure those quick wins keep coming. Not only do you have Meisterplan to help get started and a program to know how best to use it, you also have the IMPACT Engine community at your back to hold you accountable:

  • Organizational priorities are clearly defined for all your teams, making sure they’re aligned with business goals
  • Executives and stakeholders stay tuned-in to your needs and can see why your projects and their outcomes matter more clearly than ever before
  • Transparency and control over the project pipeline become an afterthought, letting you use your bandwidth to focus on making those critical decisions
  • Wasted time on questionable pet projects becomes a thing of the past so you can make sure your projects have impact

Our Partner Page at PMO Strategies

Meisterplans Customer Success Team
Image: Portrait of Laura Barnard from PMO Strategies.

About Laura Barnard and PMO Strategies

Laura Barnard is a highly experienced PMO committed to helping individuals and organizations effectively leverage their resources to deliver superior and sustainable IMPACT and bring their PMOs to the strategy table. For more than two decades, she’s been helping business leaders in a broad range of organizations, from nonprofits to global financial institutions, achieve the results they aimed for.

PMO Strategies, led by Laura Barnard, is an organization which provides training, ongoing education, and coaching for PMOs as well as consulting services, all with a focus not merely on results, but results with a long-term impact. Not only that, but she hosts a popular podcast where she talks about her personal strategies and tips for success. Check it out below.

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Questions? We’re Happy to Help

How does this partnership benefit me?

When you sign up for Meisterplan through the PMO Strategies website, you’ll also get access to the IMPACT Engine System, a step-by-step solution designed to guide you on the best way to build or elevate your PMO or strategy delivery team. With both, you’ll be able to demonstrate your value quickly and get results that your business leaders will love.

What’s the benefit when I am already a Meisterplan customer?

As a part of our partnership, you get an exclusive discount for the IMPACT Engine System. Meisterplan will provide you with a coupon code available only to existing Meisterplan customers.  You will then be able to access the IMPACT Engine System and its community anytime, anywhere. Get in touch with your account manager at Meisterplan to find out more.

Where can I learn more about the IMPACT Engine System?

You can learn more about the IMPACT Engine System at the PMO Strategies website.

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