Meisterplan resource management software

Collaborative Resource Scheduling = Realistic Project Plans

Improve on-time delivery of your projects through smart workforce scheduling with Meisterplan.

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Ensure You Have the Right People with the Right Skills When You Need Them 

Poor resource planning can cause unnecessary delays in capital projects.
To deliver on time, it’s crucial to have the right people with specialized skills exactly when you need them.

Meisterplan is the dedicated solution for managing experts of multiple disciplines across projects. It complements project scheduling by incorporating the resource perspective into the planning process.

Manage resource utilization

For Team Leads

Manage resource utilization in a radically easier way than Excel and maintain a steady flow for your team. 

Manage Resource Utilization

For Project Managers

Create reliable schedules by combining task and resource data in your planning process to ensure a realistic roadmap for everyone.

Commit to On-Time Delivery

For Heads of Operations

Anticipate bottlenecks and hiring needs so you can reliably deliver on all of your commitments across projects

Easily manage a master schedule

For PMO Scheduling Leads

Easily manage a master schedule and report on capacities, utilization and progress with your single source of truth created collaboratively.

Manage Resource Utilization

Maintain resource schedules in a designated view that’s quicker and easier to use than Excel.

  • Capture and communicate the amount of time spent on tasks and work packages.
  • Identify conflicts and bottlenecks before they happen and adjust allocations to solve them.
  • Notify stakeholders and team members about project changes so everyone stays on the same page.
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Create Reliable Schedules

Consider resource availabilities and dependencies across all teams as part of your planning.

  • Visualize all your projects with an interactive view of your entire portfolio.
  • Quickly see when resources are overbooked.
  • Simulate “what-if” scenarios to test the impact of changes.

Ready to Try Meisterplan?

Try Meisterplan for 30 days with your own data and full product functionality.

Anticipate Bottlenecks and Hiring Needs

Visualize your portfolio data with custom pivot reports to set realistic expectations on project delivery.

  • Get insight on how much capacity is going to which projects.
  • Analyze trends across your organization to hire based on demonstrated need.
  • See allocation costs and determine if you will stay within budget.
Capacity report
Allocation Heatmap Screenshot

Report on Capacities and Progress

Get current and reliable data while all teams continue working with the tools they prefer.

  • Import and integrate the necessary data from other tools such as Primavera P6 and SAP.
  • Further analyze your data by connecting the BI tools that you already use.
  • Ensure that all information in Meisterplan is accurate and communicated transparently using features like the Change Log and Allocation Comments.
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