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It’s time to outgrow your Excel spreadsheets. Reduce portfolio complexity with Meisterplan, an intuitive software solution that is quick to implement and scales as your portfolio grows.

Would You Rather Work with
Complex Spreadsheets or Clean Data Visualizations?

Complex Excel Workbook for PPM
Meisterplan Portfolio Designer Helps to Reduce Complexity

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Outgrow Excel: Take the Next Step in Resource Management and PPM Maturity

Join our experts and learn:

  • Why PPM spreadsheet solutions are great for new PMOs looking to get started quickly.
  • Where Excel typically falls short in terms of long-term project portfolio management and resource planning.
  • How to evolve away from Excel and improve visibility and reduce complexity within your project portfolio.

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Outgrow spreadsheet-based PPM with Meisterplan

Make Sense of your Complex Spreadsheet Data with Meisterplan

Visualize Long-Term Project Portfolio and Capacity Plans

See your portfolio information all in one place with Meisterplan’s dynamic portfolio dashboard. Easily plan out projects, identify resource constraints and align the capacity of your teams, far in advance.

Meisterplan Portfolio Designer Helps to Reduce Complexity
Excel Export and Quick Import with Meisterplan

Reduce Tedious Spreadsheet Maintenance and Complexity

Copy and paste your data into Meisterplan with our spreadsheet-based Quick Imports. Automatically update and report on your portfolio with our many integration options.

Info-Tech Research Graphic

If you use Excel for your Project Portfolio Management and Capacity Planning, you are not alone!

According to Info-Tech Research Group, “homegrown approaches like spreadsheets continue to be the most common PPM tool”. While Excel is clearly a popular choice for PPM, will it work long term?

Improve Transparency for Stakeholders​

Transform your spreadsheet data into highly visual reports via our Integrated Reporting or Reporting API to share with stakeholders.

Capacity Utilization
Meisterplan Excel Export

Let Teams Work the Way They Want​

You don’t need to get rid of Excel in your organization to see the full benefits of Meisterplan. Export your data to Excel, update projects and resources and re-import updates into Meisterplan.

Is it Time to Outgrow your Excel Solution?

Managing Your Portfolio and Resources

With Excel

  • High familiarity across teams
  • Accessible with any Microsoft Office subscription


  • Data maintenance is tedious
  • Lack of visibility into long-term plans
  • High complexity and low transparency
  • Portfolio information is static
  • Difficult to scale with portfolio growth

Managing Your Portfolio and Resources

With Meisterplan

  • Easily make bulk updates to the portfolio
  • Visualize project plans and align work across teams, far in advance
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • One interactive dashboard for your entire portfolio
  • Scales with your business and can be adopted quickly
  • Highly visual report templates to share information with stakeholders

See Meisterplan in Action

Portrait of Matthias Graf

What Matthias Loves About Meisterplan

Before implementing Meisterplan, our resource management was a game of Excel bingo: timeconsuming, cumbersome, and error prone.

Chief Project Portfolio & Resource Management|Flughafen München GmbH|open_in_new

Matthias Graf

Barry Cousins

What Barry Loves About Meisterplan

I give Meisterplan an A+ for the experience of modifying the project timeline and resourcing. Consider this model if you’ve struggled to forecast resource capacity using spreadsheets or large commercial tools.

Senior Director, PMO Practice|Info-Tech Research Group|open_in_new

Barry Cousins

What Christopher Loves About Meisterplan

We successfully run 400 projects and 20 programs in our portfolio with Meisterplan. Although many have tried, you can’t manage that many programs and resources in Excel templates. But you can with Meisterplan.

Head of PMO|Siemens Gamesa|open_in_new

Christopher Pearson

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